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What a glorious day. It is in the mid 60’s, the sun is shining and it is just gorgeous. I plan to get out and do some yard work after I post this.  I started this last night and so I decided that I would add to it just a little bit because some of it is venting and I want to let it be known that I do not vent all of the time.

I am taking a medication and had some terrible side effects to it. I thought that I was having a heart attack, but when I stopped panicing then I realized I wasn’t. I had a terrible case of stomach upset and dizziness. Anyway I called my dr. and I am off the medication.  I want a total re-evaluation of my medication done. I do not believe that I need all of these pills.

I go back to the dr. soon and I am ready for some alternate medical options. I have even thought of going to a natural clinic, one that uses herbs and such because I truely believe that this stuff that they call modern medicine in pill form is killing us.  Well not all…… I am not against modern medicine by no means, I just think that there has to be a better way to control diabetes, high blood pressure and stuff.

And stuff it is….

Oh and I added a poem I believe in my last post. If you did not get a chance to read it, I hope that you will get a chance to. It is called The Final Inspection. Please take the time to read it. Thank you.

And here is the rest of this post all about food.

I am fifty two years old and have fought a food battle all of my life. I am what my dr. calls a carb addict. I crave carbs and it makes eating healthy a real challenge. With my diabetic diet, my nutritionist broke down my carbs and gave me a meal plan.  30 carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner and 15 carbs for my snacks three times a day. That is a total of 135 carbs a day. Read the labels and be prepared at how many carbs we ingest and not even realize it.  I cannot remember how many carbs it takes to make a pound, but let me tell you that it can get out of control really fast.

Let me also inform you that most fat free and light products are usually, not always but usually higher in carbs than if you just eat the regular stuff. They have to make it taste better so they add to it, usually more perservatives and there fore more carbs.

So here is an example meal plan for me… Baked chicken breast with brown rice, a lettuce, tomato and cucumber dinner salad, ranch dressing, mixed veggies consisting of brocolli, cauliflower and carrots.  Chicken is not a carb so that does not count. What I put on that chicken is what counts…say BBQ sauce for example makes that peice of chicken a carb food. I do not have any BBQ sauce here in the house so I can’t tell you what it would be but I am sure it will add 12-15 carbs because of the sugars. That is another thing that has to be watched because sugar is carbs and it is hidden everywhere and in everything.  1 cup of brown rice (plain) and I mean nothing added. No soy sauce, or butter or any of that stuff is 31 carbs. (Did you see that I just passed my daily allowance for dinner at 30 carbs?)  Dinner salad with ranch dressing… 2 Tbsp of regular ranch is 3 carbs… (Diet dressing is higher in carbs.) I have a trick here. I actually have my dressing on the side and I dip my fork into the dressing and then into my salad. My salad does not get soggy and I am saving by not getting extra sodium and calories and in some case fats.

So I figure that the meal above is calculated at 39 carbs, which is 9 carbs over my limit. Now I have several choices. The first choice is that I can eat it anyway and deduct 9 carbs from my night time snack, which is near impossible to do, or I can cut my meal basically in half. I can have the chicken and a half a cup of rice, which is what I would do and double up on the salad veggies and half of the cooked veggies.  Why does that work for me? I get full really easy. It is enough food for me.  But it is not always possible to eat like that.

There is no bread here in this meal because bread is a starch and starch is carbs. If I had a nice fat roll to go with my dinner, I know I would have to have it dripping with butter which that is a big no no. There is no dessert here either. There is no glass of wine here either.

My diet is a struggle and I deal with it every day because I do get tired of eating baked chicken and salad and brocolli and cauliflower are becoming gross to me. I am tired of eating it. I have come to hate green beans and spinach and brocolli and carrots and cauliflower.  I have eaten it all so much that I am sick of it.

I am sick of chicken too. I try and cook it different each time, but at the end of the day if it looks like chicken then it tastes like chicken and I am sick of chicken. I bake it with free foods like onion and bell pepper, roasted tomatoes and garlic with wine vinegarette, I de-bone it and add it to salads and I grill it. But I am very tired of chicken. So I have been laying off of meat for a while. I am trying to cut it out of my diet except for twice a week.  I have to watch for hidden carbs in condiments as well. Ketchup and mayo, and even the spicy mustards have a lot of carbs when you have to count carbs and make the most out of them.

Here is another rule of thumb. If it comes in a box or is premade then it is loaded with carbs. I love those marinades like the carribean jerk and the exotic sounding names. Hawaiian pineapple sounds so good and it is delicious. Just read the back of the label for the carb count amd I cringe and do not even bother buying it except occassionally. For a normal person it might not be so bad but for me I have to count those carbs into my meal plan. If I eat a peice of chicken with that marinade, it is not the end of the world, I just have to eat in moderation.  When I do use marinades like that I really watch how much I eat. I will eat half of something so I do not feel deprived.

When I was growing up my mom fried everything. I grew up in the south and I swear, we survived on grease. We ate fried chicken, fried pork chops, chicken fried steak, fried catfish, fried liver and onions, fried squash, fried okra, fried potatoes, fried….. you name it.  And then there was all that other food that consisted of mashed potatoes and gravy, fried eggs, flap jacks, fried bacon and sausage. Cornbread fixed with bacon grease, scalded cornbread fried on top of the stove.. All of these foods are delicious and it is hard after a life time of eating them to cut them out of my diet.

No wonder I have blockages.

I stopped eating that kind of food on a regular basis 20 years ago. But the damage was done. I have adapted relatively easy to eating wholesome foods now flavored lightly or with herbs.  I rarely use splenda. It does not do well for me. I have trouble with shaking and seizures when I use splenda on a regular basis. Just another thing I have crossed off my list.

I have learned that egg beaters are my friend and butter and margarine are not.  I have learned that I can still have some butter on my baked potato as long as I do not over do it and I limit myself to a baked potato once or twice a month. I know what I should and should not eat and I know the conquences which brings me to a news story I saw this morning on tv.

The experts have done all these studies on kids and school menu’s and say they are trying for a healthier solution. They said that it is a proven fact that if it looks and tastes good kids will eat it, if it looks or tastes healthy kids will not.

OK what is wrong with this picture?

I think that healthy eating  starts at home.

I will tell you this. My mom catered to my dad and little sister when it came to meals. My dad had to have certain foods or he would not eat. Example… no baked chicken for him. His had better be fried. Same thing with my sister. She ate what he ate and is very picky to this day.

Parents are allowing their children be picky eaters. I saw what my mom had to go thru. She would put this nice meal on the table and all hell would break loose from my dad and sister and she would get up from the table and go and prepare another meal to suit them.

I said… I would never do that I never did. If I made something and my kids did not eat it, they just didn’t eat it and over the years I knew what my family liked or didn’t like, which is very little. Jonathan does not like mashed potatoes. He was sick with a stomach virus once and he ate some mashed potatoes and they came up and to this day he steers away from the mashed potatoes. So I added stove top stuffing to the menu when he was growing up so there was something that he liked too. Mashed potatoes is all I can think of that he didn’t care for.

Karyn and Laurie are both well rounded eaters. Laurie is very conscious of germs and nutrition and buys organic when she can. Nathan eats everything that I make except fish. He is not a fish eater like myself, but on occassion I will buy some frozen filets or something and he will pass but eats everything else. Now Matthew’s preference is more to junk food. Give him a choice of something homemade and a pizza he will go for the pizza. But he eats what is set before him and is thankful. At my house at least.

I think that the schools should go back to the days when cafeteria’s prepared real food and get all of this junk food out of the way. There is nothing wrong with real food. It is the parents who allow their kids to eat as much as they want of the  unhealthy stuff and then they become picky and refuse to eat real food.

I have a girlfriend who’s youngest son is a senior this year and every morning when he goes to school she gives him money to stop and get some chicken nuggets or a corn dog before school and when he gets home she has deep fried him 6 to 8 chicken wings and french fries because he is hungry. This kid rarely deviates from this diet. This is what he eats. How his mother caters to him. He whined one day when she didn’t get to the store to get his chicken to fry. I had never seen such carrying on. She offered to fix him a whole lot of things, things I would not have cooked for him. He whined and cried and carried on until she gave him the money to go to the store and buy some chicken wings.  If he had been my kid I would have said.. “I guess you will have to wait until dinner and eat what I make.”

Of course when my kids came home from school they hit the fridge too. They usually made a sandwich and a glass of milk or something like that. They darn sure did not start cooking or me either.  Occassionally Karyn would fry up some french fries and toss chili and cheese over it for them all to share, but that was not often.  But we ate early when they were in school anyway. They got home at 3:30 and we were eating by 5:30 or 6:00 so a small snack held them over.

Anyway, I am of the opinion that schools should offer real food and get rid of the chicken nuggets, pizza and things that are considered appetizers. I was in a discussion at the store the other day with a man and woman. He was shopping for his kids lunches. He said that he would rather them eat pb and j rather than ingest all the fat that the school offered, The other lady said that they were having a meeting because of all of the food choices of the board. She said she could fix pizza sticks at home for her kids if that was what she wanted them to eat.

Trust me when kids got hungry enough they would eat what they were offered.

Now am I being critical?

Yes I am.

People all over the world are starving to death and yet we throw food away that could feed thousands. We have people here in our own cities starving. People are going to bed at night hungry, they go to work and school hungry and yet  we have some stupid expert on tv that says that the schools have to make the food look fun so kids will eat it. That is just crap to me. Sorry but it is.  Also I believe that the food stamp program should be revamped. I believe that a person should not be allowed to buy as much junk food as they do. Of course every household should be allowed to buy treats, what I mean is so much of it.

My son and daughter in law for example received $300.00 a month in food stamps when they first got together. She also got WIC and it was just the 2 of them. She was pregnant so she got more benefits. Most of everything she bought was stuff like frozen pizza’s, hot pockets, chips, dip, candy, cookies, and tv dinners. Hot dogs, lunch meat and breads, canned soup, canned spaghetti, raviolli, frozen things like chicken nuggets and taquitos, corn dogs, pizza rolls, and stuff like that oh and top romen soup. They lived off that soup stuff.

She did not really buy foods to cook or to make a meal, like cooking a meat loaf and potatoes. If it was not hamburger helper and out of a box she did not cook it. I am sorry to say that I feel she was too lazy to cook a real meal. It was easier to pop a pizza in the oven.  And that might be all that she would make. A box of hamburger helper, some tv dinners, pizza rolls, burritos etc. Or many nights it was just a bowl of cereal for dinner.

They did not complain, that is what they wanted I suppose, but my point is, if they did not have the access to buy so much easy convient foods then they would have to take the time to make more nutritional meals.  And of course by the end of the month they had nothing to eat because all of it was gone. Especially stuff like Little Debbies, ice cream bars, sodas, and stuff like that.

Brad called me one day from work and said mom could you please make me a sandwich, I am so hungry. They had split some chicken nuggets the night before and had a couple of graham crackers and milk. I made him some food, carried it to him and when he got home that night I told them both that was crazy as hell to be hungry because their stamps should have lasted all month. It was barely 2 weeks after getting them that they had nothing to eat.

She finally did start doing a lot better but they had to learn on their own that if they wanted their stamps to stretch then they needed to shop a little wiser than they had been doing.

A lady in line in front of me the other day had her buggy loaded down with a huge birthday cake, and everything to go for a party. She had like 6 or 7 bags of chips, gallons of koolaid type punch, tons of sodas, 12 packs, and ice cream, Blue Bell ice cream at that!! I am sure she had a few other things too. Her little girl was having her 7th birthday. Of course we talked as she checked out because I am a talker. It was going to be a big party too. The woman said that her family was coming in from Florida for this party.

Now I do not begrudge a birthday party for a little girl or for anyone, but she spent over $100.00 and I know this because I was standing right their when the cashier told her the amount. She whipped out her EBT card and paid for it and never blinked an eye.  I know that it is not any of my business what she put in her cart or what she bought or how she paid for it, but it bothers me because I know people who would have eaten all week on $100.00 but they do not qualify for foodstamps.

I just think that there should be some kind of limit that’s all.  I guess that I am over sensitive on this issue because so many people are in such need and they are hungry and so many abuse the system and so many people waste food.

And I guess I should get off my rant and try and fix dinner. I have a great meal planned tonight. It is called left overs…. TTYL


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