A Bad Day For Her…Oh well

I Had To Sleep On It…

That damn flu bug has struck again. I swear that when I received my flu shot this year that they put in a special ingredient labled “Flu Bug For Beth” in it. Geez I can only be up for a little while before I have to lay back down, but I seem to be better this morning. I am actually having a cup of coffee and posting. Of course this energy will not last long so I am going to make the best of it while I have it.

Alrighty then, I suppose I should get straight to the topic of my post.  I quit my job yesterday.  I know, I know, in this economy if I have a job then I need to hold on to it but sometimes even for the best reasons it is best to walk away.  For those of you that don’t know, I have 3 blockages, two in each leg and one in my heart. The dr.s cannot feel the pulse in my feet, so it is pretty serious. I have to get a few things done before my appt. Feb 29th, (is this leap year?) and scheduled for surgery.  It is difficult to walk. I am walking but I have to stop a lot and let the pain subside and continue on. I have been doing alright.  At work it is taking me at least a half hour longer to get a cabin clean. I have been averaging 3 small cabins a day and that is not too bad but it still makes for a long day. I called night before last to see if we had any cabins empty and my boss informed me that all five cabins were empty. So I decided to go in 2 hours earlier so that it would give me a little extra time and maybe not be so hard on me.  I have a friend that tags along with me sometimes and that is alright. I mean he is not in the way and my boss said it was alright. Usually she finds something for my friend to do for her so it works out. When he tags along it is an understanding that he does not get paid for helping me. I help him in other ways. It is strictly friendship help based. And my boss knows that. She was fine with it. Like I said she usually needed some kind of help herself, like emptying out the deep fryer, or taking out the huge bags of trash or breaking down inventory, so she was always glad to see him when he tagged along. (She didn’t pay him either).

Well he came in for the weekend to visit his family and came over to see how I was doing and we talked and he asked me about work and I told him I had 5 cabins to do and he said that he would go with me and help me out if I wanted because he knew it was hard for me to get around and I said that would be great.  When I got to work I went inside to see which cabins were going to be rented out first and I would start there and she said “What’s he doing here?” and I told her that he came in to visit his family and offered to help me out and she said “I hired you, not him.” and I said, “What’s going on here? You have never had a problem before with him coming or anyone else.”

“I have changed my mind.”

“Well alright but why?”

“Just because I said so that’s why.”

I just looked at her because I was flabbergasted.

She began to rant. “You do not need any help. I have cleaned all of them before and still ran this place and I expect you to do the same.”

“I don’t know where this is coming from. You have never said anything like this before. You use to ask me when he was coming to town, and now it is completely the opposite. What is it that you want, for me to take him home?”

“No he can take your car. He is a big boy.”  Well that would leave me having to walk to and from all the cabins and carry supplies and it is difficult enough for me to do it with a car.

“Like I said you don’t need any help. I can do it all by myself and you can too.”

And so I said, “Well good then. I guess your right, you CAN do them all by yourself” and I got in my car and took my friend home and then I went home.

So I fumed for a bit and then decided to try and figure out what the problem really was. It was not my friend TJ that was the problem. She really does like him, (I think she did, she said she did). He is a good kid, polite and will do anything to help out and not expect anything in turn. He knows what a tough time I am going thru right now, and having the flu on top of it all.

So I put my thinking cap on and started putting it together. See her boyfriend’s family is about 3 hours away and every weekend he goes home to see his son and grandson. She can never go because her business is usually full on weekends so she is left behind.

Also she is very jealous and cannot stand the fact that he spends time with his son and especially the grandson. She has made some of the most nasty comments before. Anyway he left and went home early yesterday morning and I bet that they had words over it and she decided to take it out on me, which she has done so many times before but yesterday was the last straw.

Another thing is… It does not matter if I work all day long, I only get paid $35.00 a day. Regardless of what I did. To go thru these little temper tantrums takes it toll on me and she usually has some snotty days a couple of days a week and for me to put up with them for $35.00 day is bull crap. I also realized that she does not respect me as a person. She knows how hard it is for me to do some of the stuff that I do.

She never calls and asks me how I am. She acts like she is better than I am most of the time and that makes me feel inferior when it happens. One day a man came in and asked for a double cheeseburger plain but with ketchup. I repeated his order for him and she said…”Didn’t you hear him the first time? A plain burger is a plain burger.”I was only repeating his order to make sure that it was correct, kinda out of habit. She made me feel stupid.

Another time, and if I hadn’t needed the measley $35.00 that day would bring I would have quit after I slugged her. I prefer to build my own cabin baskets. By that I mean I like to add my own sheets and towels and that sort of thing, because frankly she always leaves stuff out. Either she will put in two fitted sheets, leave out the pillow cases or put in towels but forget the wash cloths or something. It always causes me to have to go back and get what I need.  Well one day she told me that she had a basket ready for a cabin. I had already gotten the basket ready so I decided to take mine. When I got back and the place was filled with people she came over and took my hand and spatted it just like I was a child. “You did not listen, I told you I already had a basket ready for that cabin.” Pointing her finger in my face. I was pissed off for the rest of the day, embarrassed and hurt that she treated me that way in front of others.

To make matters worse, her boyfriend came to my rescue and that did not sit well at all. He got chewed out too and the only difference was that he had the option to get up and leave which he did, but I really needed the money and so I stayed and took it. I did tell her before I left that day never to touch me again like I was a child and if she ever stuck her finger back in my face then she did so at her own risk because I would bite the damn thing off. She thought I was joking, but I meant that.

Well it is over now. I have taken all I am going to take from her. She is spoiled and she thinks that the only way to do stuff is her way. She is mad that I have friends I can count on. She is mad that I have a great boyfriend, she is mad that I get to do things and she is stuck at the lodge. She is mad because her boyfriend comes and goes when he wants to and she is still stuck at the lodge. Alot of this is her fault tho. If she paid a decent wage then she could hire someone to take care of the lodge on weekends and go and do stuff herself. But she is too tight to do it. It litterly kills her to hand me my money every day. Like $35.00 is going to break her. And trust me, she is not going to give me a penny extra. One day she said she would have to wait and pay me because she only had two twenty’s. I said oh…wait I have change. But if I hadn’t of gotten it, I would still be waiting on it. As it is she owes me for one day that I have never been paid for. She got over on me that time, but no more.  Everyone says that she will call and act like nothing happend and I will go back, but I won’t. Even I knew that I was being stupid for staying but I was doing what I had to do.

I stayed because until this surgery is behind me, I didn’t want to start a new job and then have to leave it for the 6 weeks that they say it will take me to recover. This job was close to home and so that is why I stayed. I knew that things were going to come to a head. I just didn’t know when.  Last week she got all over me for the way I sliced the onions. Hell I have been slicing them this way for months and she just suddenly all at once said she didn’t like the way I cut the onions.  Her brother and his wife are good friends of mine and said her mood swings are because of all of the anti depressents she takes. From Zoloft to Zanex. They say she has practically ran everyone off because of how she goes off on them.  Well all I can say is that she had 5 cabins to clean. 2 big ones for party’s that were coming in at 1:00 yesterday and 3 smaller cabins that were also rented out. Plus she had the bait shop to run, cooking and cleaning the main lodge, laundry and running the cash register. Her boyfriend had left early that morning and she decided to act like an ass to me and so she had it all to do by herself. Just like she claims that she had done it all by herself before. I wonder how it all played out? Did she close the bait shop to clean cabins? Maybe she will think twice on how she treats people.  As for me, I have learned my lesson. This is my second go at this job. I quit last time because of a roll of toilet paper. She will not get a third chance from me. I am done, so done.

Oh and I don’t take people to work with me as a general rule. But I asked when my son was living with me and I wanted him out of the house doing something besides watching tv and sitting on the phone all day, so I asked her if he could come. She told me then that she didn’t mind if I brought anyone along with me and it worked out for almost 2 years until yesterday.

Strength is zapped, I am repeating myself so it is time to lay back down. TTYL


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