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Welcome to my TV Junction

petticoat junction color

Oh I love to sit and watch re-runs. Right now I only have basic tv and can only watch the local stations, which is alright with me because I really do not have all that much time to sit and watch.

I do make exceptions on Tuesday nights and that is because I love to watch Ncis and Ncis Los Angeles. Right now the re-runs of those are getting on my nerves but that is because they are dramas.

If I could sit down for a month and just watch old tv shows, (it will probably take more than a month) the first one I would watch would be Petticoat Junction. I totally loved that show.

Bobbie Jo

Billy Jo and

Betty Jo.

Uncle Jo was a riot too and I just loved it.

I would also like to watch the Family Affair, My three Sons, the original Batman and Star Treks.

Also I would love to go back in time and see all of the old Wrestleing matches and the Von Erics and Roller Derby.

TV today is not like it was when I was a kid that is for sure, but I would sure love to sit down and watch all of my old favorites again.

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