Looking for Street Venders

Street food for me….

Corn on the Cob

I am not sure how to spell the name of this corn cob, but they are soooooo good and I will make a pig out of myself every time.

My son in law says this comes straight from Mexico. I have never questioned where where they come from, just how they make them. I have as much info as possible of the ingredients because I have watched them make them for me.

In California street venders with these little hot wagons come along and they offer fresh corn on the cob with either two wooden ends or a long wooden rod thru them.

They pull them out of butter and let the excess drip off and then rub it down with mayo, sprinkle it with parmaesan cheese and if you like it spicy then they will add what ever you like.

The last time I was in California, I just had to have one and it was delicious. I paid a dollar for it and wished that when I make them at home that they tasted as good as the ones from the vendor. Or perhaps what makes them taste so good is because they are something I do not get very often and that makes them taste even better.

I think that they must have a secret and it is well worth keeping. If you ever get a chance try one or two…..

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