If You Do This, Then Here Is Some Advice

If You Do This, Then Please Do This….  Confused? Don’t be because it will all be clear in my post. Today was a rough work day for me. I am having more and more problems getting around. I had to go up and down stairs today and it was so hard. My legs burned and ached badly, and then I had a cabin to clean that was not that dirty, but I had 6 beds to strip and make up and then of course scrub down the bathroom as well as the kitchen. I have broken 3 fingernails in the last 2 days.  I have a pet peeve that I just have to share concerning hotel/motel and in my case cabin service…  People please do not make the bed before you leave. Do you really think that another person wants to sleep in the bed that you just vacated?  Do you think that I will not have to strip the bed and put clean sheets on it regardless if it is made or not?  Do you think that it is just funny to make up the bed to try and trick me? If that is the case then you lose because I have my own tricks to tell if the bed has been tampered with. No I will not tell you that little secret us maids have.  Now if you are doing this because none of the above has crossed your mind and you are just being considerate, then I will excuse you for your lack of knowlege. If you sincerly do want to help out before you leave the hotel/motel or cabin and I assure you that it is a very welcome gesture and here is a great help list for you and for me too.  1. If you want to help you can strip the bed yourself and put all of the dirty sheets and pillow cases by the door, along with all of the dirty towels and washcloths. It will be really nice just to have that done.  2. Please pick up all of the trash. If you have half filled beer or soda cans, please pour the liquid down the drain. This will prevent spills and leakage.  3. If you have a kitchen and do not want to do the dishes, that is fine, just please scrape your plates in the trash. The sinks are not equipped with garbage disposals and food can stop up the sinks. Also the sinks are not ashtrays and please empty your ash trays in the trash.  4. Please… I know that people have sex in hotel/motel beds, but I do not care to know about it. All of your little birth control, Especially the USED birth control products…. Please dispose of these properly. One of the grossest things I have come across is stripping a bed or cleaning under a bed and coming up with a used condom. GROSS!  Not to mention I do not want to be exposed to any kind of diseases. Do You?  5. If you get sick…. Please do your best to clean it up or have someone help you or something. If you puke in the trash can by all means just throw the damn thing in the trash dumpster. I would rather explain that the can is gone rather than puke myself cleaning up your puke! 6. Listen up mom and dad, I am sure that you think your little one’s shit does not stink, but I am here to tell you different. Diapers do not go under the bed, in the sofa cushions or tossed all over the room. Dirty diapers belong in the trash and if your really considerate you will take the trash out with you when you go.

All of this is just plain courtesy. Treat your hotel/motel or cabin, or rental home as you would your own or how you would like your guests to treat your home.  How would you feel if your friends came for the weekend and it left it a mess? Left dirty diapers under the bed, or half filled bottles and cans, trash and used condoms laying around or spilled food everywhere and trash scattered all over the place?  It is my job to clean the cabins for our guests and I do not find fault in my job. I know that you pay for this space and for the service of someone to do the cleaning up after you and that is fine, but think of who cleans up after you. Do you really want me to remember you as that slob?  Also think about this….  What if the tables were turned.  I mean… Here is a scenerio for you.  I enter a cabin and it is not that dirty and I am just not in the mood to clean. The beds are not really messed up. It looks like you are a very neat sleeper. I check the bottom sheet and it is clean so hey I got lucky there. I pull the bed sheets up, tuck the blanket, straighten the comforter and waaaa laaaa the bed is made…..Hmmm but here is the million dollar question.  (What if the person that slept in that bed before you had head lice or body lice or bed bugs?) Did you really pay for that?  What about a completly furnished room, and I decided just to rinse the dishes off and not use soap and you got sick? What kind of germs live in that glass or coffee cup that I just rinsed off and put back on a shelf? Did that person have strep throat or a cold. Does he/she have an active case of herpes or a zillion other things that can make another person sick?  The toilet and shower really just needs to be dried off. Why go to all the trouble of spraying it with disinfectant and scrubbing it down? Bleach is not really necessary because it is not that dirty. Oh look those towels were barely used and I forgot to get extra. If I just shake them out and refold them…who will know?  Sorry folks, but I would know.  And besides that Bleach is the only product that I know I can clean with that will kill the atheletes foot fungus.  I do not take short cuts. When you come into a cabin or room that I have cleaned, I can assure you that it is as clean as I can possibly make it. I take pride in my work. When I walk out of a room I can honestly say that it is clean. It is clean for you and it is clean for your family and I am proud to be a part of that.  But there are a lot of people that does not care about the things that I care about. I knew of a woman I worked with several years ago that was in and out of a motel room in 20 minutes. She started in the bathroom and took the cleaning rag and wiped down. She made the beds only if they had been stripped for her. Other wise if they didn’t look dirty, then she did not change them. She dusted the furniture with the same cleaning cloth that she had wiped down the toilet with, then she wiped down the microwave and fridge with the same cloth. She took a broom and swept the dirty spots of the carpet under the bed or out the door. She hated the vacumme cleaner.  The motel caught on quickly but how many people slept in dirty rooms before our supervisor caught on? Believe me we all heard about that girl for weeks afterwards.  So I all I am saying is that it is all a two way street in our lives. We can respect others property and in return we can take pride in our work.  I am off of my venting for now. Good night and take care.


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