Happy Holidays…

I am tired of being sick and tired…

My immune system is really down, and this is like the 3rd time this year that I have had the stomach/flu bug. At first I thought that something I had eaten had made me ill, but I am not so sure that is the case. I have missed 4 days of work this week, right at the time that I really need the money. I have to have about $150.00 for my next dr.s appointment and desperatly need to work. I am lucky when I can crawl my butt out of bed to open a can of soup.

Christmas is a total bummer this year. I put up my tree and wonder why I even bothered. I suppose that it did make me feel a little more in the sprit, but there is not going to be much under it and I know that it is not the gifts that make christmas, it is the giving and that is what is bothering me.  For my best friend I got her a journal with some fancy pens, and a magnetic note pad and pencil, a simmering potpourri  pot in the shape of a christmas tree. Her husband is getting a large tin of popcorn and if I am up to it I will make him a bananna pudding since it is his favorite. For the family, they are getting a bag of muffins and cookies.  One of my friends, Al has a son and he is not planning on doing Christmas which breaks my heart because he is so looking forward to it. But I understand money. He is re-modeling his house and was hoping to get to his sons bedroom done before Christmas so he could give him some money to decorate it with, but it looks like he ran out of money and the bedroom will have to wait. So for the young whipper snapper, I got him a large tin of popcorn, and he loves cinnamon pecans so I made him a small bag of those.  It is just going to be token baked goods for the rest of my few friends.

I am not doing a traditional Christmas Dinner either. I am going to do an old stand by favorite. Fried chicken, potato salad, baked beans and coleslaw. I even considered getting the Colonel involved, but changed my mind since KFC has gotten so high. I can make twice that amount for what they want for one meal. Plus have leftovers. No one is coming for dinner so it makes no sense to cook a turkey or ham and trimmings for just me and the dogs. Plus they cannot have people food anyway no matter how they beg!  Speaking of the pups as I call them from time to time, I finally found a great book that details a zillion dogs and I found out that Bandit is called a Swedish Elkhound…. The book says that he was probably the first dog at the Cave man’s side. The book pretty much has him down pat except when they put in the obedient part lol. Actually he does obey really well except when it comes time to come inside when I get ready to go some where or need him to come in and then he will run like the wind and forget that he even knows me. He also has selective hearing and will ignore me when he thinks that it is beneficial to him. Take bath time for example. He knows when it is time for his bath and will do his best to ignore me, pretending to sleep or find a corner that he thinks he can hide in.

Little Girl is what they call a Canaan. She hails from Israel. The only draw back that the book says about her is that she will become spoiled very easily and if she gets away with things like sleeping in the bed with me (Which she does) then she will not understand if she is later tossed out of the bed. Very sensitive, but fiercly loyal and devotes her skills to protecting her home and those in it. She is not agressive to people but has a keen sense of danger and will fight to protect her Master. (We have not established at this point just who her Master is since she thinks that she is Queen of this Castle.)  All in all I am pretty darn pleased with my pups. They never leave my side when I am down and depressed or feeing sick. They are a lot of joy to me and even when I scold them they do not stay mad at me and I can tell them anything and know that it is not going to be repeated! They are snugglers and love to be cuddled, they are funny to watch and they are so cute when they play together. Bandit pretends that he is not interested in playing with her until he thinks I am not watching. The other day they were playing tug of war and when I walked in Bandit looked up and seen me and let go of the rope like he was above getting caught playing. I told him that he was not fooling me.

Ok gotta go lay back down. Then get up and make a few Christmas cookies and go and lay back down. See how fun my life is? (Sigh).


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