Saying Hello….

Hello all, just stopping in to say hi and say…. “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” which ever you wish to hear. Or celebrate or what not.

I will be happy to annouce that I am going to be blogging a little more frequently now. I still do not have the internet and just commenting on my phone is a pain in the butt, but I have 2 new places where I can take my laptop and stay in touch better, hopefully two or three times a week and I tell you that I am glad because I have so much to say and never have much time to say it when I do get a chance to be online.

I will do a quick re-cap over the past few months.

July…. Cafe went bust. My partner did not live up to her end of the deal and I ran out of food to serve and no money to replace it due to the fact that that I had put all of my money into the labor, paint and so forth. I did cry over spilled milk, but it is not over yet. I am fixing up the little house that I am buying and I will have my business as soon as I can. People are all begging me to open up and lack of customers was not the issue. D had lied about a lot of stuff that affected the outcome of having to close. First she had not paid the gas bill and it was 300 dollars and it was cut off on opening day even tho she promised to get it paid that day. The fridge had gone out and she lied about getting a new one. I offered to by a used one to get us by and she got all pissy about it, and finally it came down to the fact that she did not buy the food. That was the most important at the time because I could have improvised in all other ways, but when you have no food well it is just time to close the doors.

The good thing about all of that is that I found out what kind of person that she really is and that is Priceless. She lost a lot of respect from a lot of people too.

Also in July I was experiencing some difficulty in swallowing, and keeping food and drink down. I had several dr. appointments and tests and referrals. I underwent several really uncomfortable tests that determined that my esophogus needed to be stretched and that at the top of the stomach, I have a flap that does not open and close when it is supposed to.

I underwent a diation procedure on a tuesday and on wednesday I had to be taken back to the hospital. My blood pressure and heart was out of control and I couldn’t stop throwing up. That stressed my body out and threw my blood pressure sky high and since my blood pressure was sky high it messed with my heart. On top of all of that, my diabetes was totally out of control because I could not keep my meds down, so my butt landed in the hospital for 5 days. I am not sure when that was exactly because I had to go every week for several weeks for these weird tests.

Anyway I was transferred to a different hospital and right now I am awaiting 2 very important appointments. One is scheduled for my legs. I have some blockages or something in my legs and the new tests will tell the dr.s what needs to be done. I am sure that they will strip the veins in my legs because that seems to do the best for PAD.

The second is major surgery where they are going to go in and take out the diseased flap and rebuild me a new one. We are just waiting for my sugars to get better and I will be seeing this new diabetes specialists in January.

Also in July I was given a puppy! Yes she was exactly what I did not need, but…. she is mine and she is loveable….. Her name is Nature, but I call her Jersy Girl, Little Bit, Little Girl or Baby Girl…. I tried to upload a picture but had some difficulty. I will try again.

Well I am not sure why I cannot upload a simple picture. But I love my dogs. You know that they are spoiled rotten once you see them.

The rest of my time has been spent working at a hunting lodge which I really love for the most part. I could actually do without the coon hunters, but…. well I do have some posts that I have done off line and I will post them.

So I am going to get off now, try once more to post a picture of my little girl and baby boy and start thinking about what I want to post next….


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