A New Start

Ok so I am terrible when it comes to blogging. Not that I do not have anything to say, those who know me know that I never know just when to shut up, but because I never have internet access. Someday when I can afford the crazy price for internet here in my crazy town I will get the internet. Hopefully soon.

Between the flood and my being in and out of the hospital, and a zillion other things, money is as tight as always and it is sad that I cannot have something that is not unreasonable. It is not unreasonable is it?

I will post off line and then repost later and until then….. I have changed my theme appearance and hope to enjoy it… bye


2 thoughts on “A New Start

    • Oh Allen, I am sorry that I have not been posting regularly and keeping updated. I did all of my posts off line and then some how lost them before I could post them.
      The cafe went bust after 3 days…. Yes it was a total waste of time and especially money. I put in the labor, paint, decorations, and cleaned up the place, added new tables and chairs and such. My partner was to get the food, refridgerator and such. She backed out after 3 days. I had to bring food from my house to cook with, until I ran out and she took off.
      If it sounded too good to be true then it was. I got HAD big time.
      But I still have my house that I am buying that I will turn into a cafe just as soon as I can. I have people every day begging me to open. But the flood got that house too and I have to fix the one that I am living in first before I can work on that one and so I am just chugging along. I will email you later. Tell Jude I said hi and does she have a Blog?? Beth

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