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Ok so I am working from 5 in the morning to 2 in the evening. So far it is going good. I have been having a few issues, a couple with my partner. The deal was that we do the labor and get it ready to open and she stock the food. Well the place looks good, but there is no food. Not really. I am running to the store to get the basic minimum for the day. She said that she is waiting on her loan. I wish she had told me this before I handed out flyers and such. But most people are understandin.

I am not so understanding. If she does not want to get the food then I want my $1800.00 back and I will take my customers, those that say (Hey this shit is so good, where did you learn to cook like this? What are you cooking tomorrow?) and go back to my original plan.

I am tired, so just bear with me. I am just frustrated with her that’s all. I feel like she lied to me because I have worked like a demon to get this up and going and she keeps coming up with excuses of why she has not gotten the food in. Or other necessities. But I can not say that things have been all bad. I have had some good runs and loyal customers who have said that they will stand in line to eat my cooking, so that makes me smile. One guy gave me a 5.00 tip yesterday. He said that A. The service was was exceptional, B My prices are very reasonable and C That I must be part black because only black people know how to make Southern Food. LOL….

Gotta go. Clean up time and I am going home and chillin out!


2 thoughts on “cafe news

  1. All these problems and a heat wave to top it off. Beth, could you be having a tougher year? Hang in there and please stay cool in all respects.

    • Thanks for your support. It has been tough, and a flood too. LOL. But I am hanging in there. I decided to take a break this weekend. I am in Mo. in a nice cool motel with air conditioning and a swimming pool and the internet. Now all I need is some junk food and I am set. Hope all is good on your end. Beth

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