Opening Day is Drawing Near

Opening Day Tomorrow

Well it is 5:00am and I am awake and pondering my menu/grocery list. I have to go shopping today. This evening I will be prepping and doing a few dishes in advance.
Is there problems? Oh too many to count. The fridge was not delivered yesterday so I am going to have to clean mine out to store some items. The a/c in the kitchen went out, so there will be fall out from that. Someone took most of my printed menus and passed them out, so I have to find someone with a printer today in order to print out more because my printer is now out of ink.
The one woman that I thought that would be my right hand woman, the one that I need desperatly has been offered a raise and a promotion for head cook for my competion, so I am sure that she will take it. She is my best friend and I cannot hold it against her for making more money than I can pay her.
The second in line… Well now she informed me yesterday she only wants to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays! I was in hopes to train her to open and close, but now that is up in the air.
I cannot find anyone that wants to work. Isn’t that sad?
So many people out of work and no one wants a job. My cashier is a young mother who needs the money, but has to work around her child care schedule. I have no choice since she is the only one that I have met thus far that I can trust with our money.
Problems abounded yesterday. People wanted to come and hang out and talk. I didn’t mind a few minutes but they wanted to hang out all day. Bad for business but actually had to have one man leave the premises. I had brought my breakfast and lunch up there and left my chips on the table and a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper that he decided to just help himself to it. He was dirty and after sticking dirty hands in my chips, well that was the end of that. He left then and a few minutes later, my carpenter said…. “I went to the store for my lunch and drinks and I bought 2 packs of cigarettes and left them in the bag. Part of my lunch is gone and so is my cigarettes.”
A little bit later, the dirty man was back smoking and drinking beer. He had been trying to bum money earlier from everyone he met and no one that I knew gave him money, but it seemed he got some from somewhere. He was told in a nice way that he could not smoke inside or drink on the premises, he got foul mouthed and so I had to ask him to leave, which he totally ignored and so I was going to call our police chief when someone else litterly told him that if he didn’t leave peacefully then they would have no choice but to kick his ass. So I can imagine that he is bad mouthing me already.
I feel like I am giving birth. It is not easy, but the reward is so fulfilling. With every goal achieved I couldn’t be prouder. Even with that said, I already feel like I am battleing the terrible two’s of parenthood. There are some issues that just will not go easy and it takes a team of us to figure out how to manhandle the issue. One issue was a wall. It had to be painted 3 times because it is paneling and the paint only made it worse. Finally we painted it a dark brown which hid a lot of flaws and then sponged it with 2 cordinating colors and it was like…. Gee it only took us 2 days and 3 gallons of paint! Not quiet, that was an exaggeration, but that is what it felt like. Now the wall is really nice.
Another issue is a wall with a serving counter that has to come out. No if’s ands or but’s about it. It has to go to make room for the stove which is going to be put in today. The issue is that it may be a weight bearing wall and if that is the case then I will have to leave part of it. That will hopefully be resolved today. I should have waited until next Monday to open, but it all seemed so easy at first! That my friends was my first mistake in the reasoning department.
I am good with dead lines tho. I do good under pressure such as this. I will get very creative and I know how to improvise with the best of ’em.
I have not said much about the town that I live in, but it is in the South. Don’t take offense I mean that these are the best people in the world, but…
Southern people are a breed of their own, a spieces of their own, aliens from another planet! If it isn’t fried, drowned in butter or loaded with sugar then I can forget it. Eat healthy? What’s that? They want their fried chicken, their greens and their sweet sweet sweet tea.
So from all of the people that I have talked to, I have finally come up with my first menu. Don’t groan please. This is not my idea, but I want to be a success and here is what they are hollering for so I am accomodating them. Smothered liver and onions, meatloaf, and fried chicken.
Collard greens with bacon and onion
Steamed squash (Swimming in butter)
Mashed potatoes (Swimming in butter and gravy)
Vegatable Medley (Broccolli, Cauliflower and Carrots) My idea…Ya know, that healthy part of a meal…
Corn on the cob (there is that butter issue again)
Green beans with bacon and tomatoes with basil…
Hot rolls or Southern Style cornbread. (Did you know that there is a Southern cornbread? It was news to me too.)
I am only doing 3 salads for tomorrow. Garden, potato salad and macaroni salad. I will add one new one daily so I can see what sells well.
Dessert will be very simple tomorrow. Bananna pudding with whipped cream.
I just hope that I have enough food. I have had people coming to my house asking when I was going to open. The breakfast will truely be Southern style as well. (“We don’t do oatmeal young lady” one gentleman told me… “We like grits and lots of ’em.”) and so grits it is… I do not even know how to make grits, but my girlfriend told me that I cook them almost like cream of wheat. I just have to have more water and let them cook til tender. Then add bacon fat/grease, salt and butter. Hmmm. I think I will just let them add their own butter.
I am going to slowly incorporate other foods. One lady said… “Beth if they have never tried it they will never know if they like it or not.” So tomorrow I am makeing a cassarole to go along with all of the butter lol.
Chicken Alfredo Penne is easy and quick and there are so many ways to cook pasta. Plus it is pretty if presented right.
I got a good deal on some Ribeyes and when I mentioned it to a group of visitors I was just sort of making conversation. How do you like your steak? I asked a simple question and I got a simple answer…. “Honey just knock it’s horns off and wipe it’s ass and toss it on a plate.” I am still speechless. I was chugging down a glass of iced tea at the time, and I am lucky that when it all spewed out I did not spray anyone…. I will never ever get use to all of the phrases they have out here for things.
I forgot to mention fish… I know people here that love fried catfish for breakfast. Breakfast! UGHHH…. I am not sure that I can stomach frying catfish at 7:00 in the morning. Oh and eggs, they want brown farm fresh eggs. Can I even use fresh off the farm chicken eggs? Don’t they have to be USDA approved or something? I have plenty of offers for them. One lady said she would sell me as many as I need and cheaper than the store too. I casually steered the conversation away from her 20 speices of chickens and right off the farm fresh eggs.
Well this wraps up my post for now. I have to get up and get moving. If I can move. I am so sore from bending and stooping and using muscles I forgot I had.
I shall let you know how I do tomorrow. If I can still think. It may only be one or two words…. Success or Failure, but I will let you know….. Hugs to all my friends, you all know who you are and I Love you all a bunch and Thank You for all the encouragement, kind words, advice, reciepes, elbow grease and the hugs. I really cannot thank you all enough.


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