Back in Business


I am back in business…. So many wonderful people heard about my gas leaks and are going to help me cook and bake and I am so ready to cry at their thoughtfulness…. So I am back in business and I have got to chill out and get some rest. I am riding on empty.

Speaking of riding… I uh… my car caught fire today. I was driving down the road, smelled smoke and seen it coming out of my console. Got it put out but do you see the irony…. no fire in the restraunt because of no gas…. fire in the car that should not have any fire, or smoke… Sheeesh, I may be a nut case after this is over… But I am still excited.

Kathy, I named a muffin after you girl…. Kathy’s Devilish Delight. It is a Mexican type with chipolte chili pepper and it is sooo good, drizzled with la creme…. send you receipe later. Gotta chill or I will crash.


One thought on “Back in Business

  1. Beth! That’s awesome! I can’t wait to get the recipe so I can make my own muffins!!! Have a wonderful time with your new business. I’m so excited for you!

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