Henry’s Sisters

Ok so I cried. I cried buckets, I cried a river and even now after I have shut the book and sighed and hugged it to my chest and soon have to return it back to the library, I feel that no other book has touched me the way that this one has.

 No matter how dysfunctional we are as family(ies) when it comes to our own immediate family, love can come in all forms.

 Love came to Henry’s sisters in the form of Henry.

 There was a study guide in the back of the book and as I read it, I realized that my family shares some of the same emotions and problems. Not as severe as Henry’s or his sisters or parents, but I can look back and say for sure… “Yes I know how you feel” and I cannot say that about a lot of things.

 I cannot tell a person how they feel after undergoing Chemo, or a Heart transplant, or having a spouse die, because I have not been there. I can say that I am thinking of that person and that I love them and believe in them.

 Well I do not think that I will forget this book anytime soon. I am now reading Eat Pray Love… or something like that. I am reading the book vs watching the movie because too many people have told me that the movie is good but cannot compare to the book, so I will read first and watch later. Maybe.

 I am at the cafe, I am so ready to get this going, but my helper will not be here to help me until this evening. I have workers coming in tomorrow to paint the kitchen and move a wall and put up a wall and it has to be ready, so I may call and wake her up. I have a lot to do in the next few days. I still have to deal with a new fridge and the food inventory and find out who really is working and who is not. I cannot believe all of the details that still have to be taken care of. I am tired, but it is a good tired. I have needed a project and this one is just what I need.

 Looks like my break is about over for now. Time to get my hands dirty again!


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