Bits and Pieces and an Update…

Going Back To What I Love….

I am going back to work doing what I really love to do and that is cooking. I am so excited that I can hardly think straight right now.
I am going to be doing breakfast and lunch Monday thru Friday from 6:00am to 2:00pm. No nights and no weekends!!!
The reason that we are going to do it this way is because  of the owner and she wants to serve shrimp and seafood and I am so severly allergic that I cannot take that risk being in the same room(s) while it is being cooked, or served. So she is free to cook it to her heart’s delight any time after 4:00pm and all day and night on weekends if that is what she wants to do and it is what she wants to do.
My breakfast is basic, eggs and bacon or sausage, omlets, pancakes, that kind of thing, and I will offer fresh fruits in season, and occassionally I will do something like pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, or something like that. Maybe make that a Wednesday item. I am very creative in the food department and I will be using what I create!
Lunch will be 2 meat entree’s, 2 veggies, a small salad of choice, (I will have a varity of salads so the customers will have a choice, like macaroni, pea salad, potato salad etc) rolls or cornbread, a small dessert, such as a small pudding, or cake or something, and they will also have either Iced tea or coffee with all meals.
Sandwiches will be served with chips and pickles, and if they want fries or a small salad then that will be extra.
Hamburgers, hot dogs, and the like will be ordered off of the menu.
There will be a soup of the day and eventually all of this will be on a buffet table instead of individual servings, but I cannot afford a buffet table right now.
Anyway…. I am so excited right now that no one can stand to be around me because all I am talking, thinking, eating, sleeping and breathing right now is that Cafe!!
Got receipes, I want them, got unique ideas, I want to hear them!
In other news:
It seems that my grandbaby that is in Reno had been removed from the home the first of February. I was under the impression that he was with Deanna’s Aunt when she needed help with the baby for day care purposes and stuff like that, but no, he was removed and placed with the Aunt because there was a lot of stuff that was going on and I guess CPS deemed it necessary to remove him.
My son got a call last week telling him of the investigation and that it was almost over and Deanna was not going to get Alex back. My life has been hell since then.
I made the mistake of telling Karyn about a text that Deanna sent to me and Matt thinks that it is my place to give it to him so he can give it to his Social Worker and he LIED to me as well as Deanna LYING to me and so I refuse to give it to him.
She is telling me not to take sides or she will have me in court along with Matt and Matt is telling me that if I do not give him the text then I am siding with her and not supporting him so I sent the word out…. Tell your social workers to call me! I will tell them what I think about each one of them.  Including the aunt. If everything that Deanna has told me is true, then the baby does not need to be with the Aunt….
Matt just called and Alex was removed from Deanna for Drug use and for the living enviroment. The Aunt refuses to let Matt talk to Alex and cusses him out when he calls and she answers the phone. She wants the baby flat out. The Aunt told CPS that Matt had left and has not even tried to be in contact and so Matt is turning over his call logs to his caseworker and that will prove that the aunt is lying. Which will not look good for her.
I am sorry it has come to this. I do not want to take sides in this situation because I am not sure that Matt will be able to care for Alex either. He does have family on his side that is close by that will help. I am not worried about that. I am just worried that Deanna will keep retaliating against Matt and keep him depressed and such.
I told him that I will talk to the case worker, so there I go. I will tell them what I know, what I have seen and what I have heard and they will have to make the decision there.
Gotta stop talking about this….
Ok so how about I tell you about this new book that I am reading?
The author is Cathy Lamb and it is called Henry’s Sisters…
Three girls and one boy. Isabelle, Cecilia, and Janice are very traumatized by their childhood and apparently their mother. They all have very deep personal problems. Isabelle cannot have a relationship beyond one night with a man and they are many in her life.
Cecilia is going thru a nasty divorce. She has basically been a doormat for her mother and husband, trying to teach school, raise 2 children of her own and deal with her problems. She uses food to escape and has gained almost 200 pounds and is on a path of self destruction.
Janice has a compulsion disorder and she writes graphic murder mysteries that border on gruesome. She cannot leave her home for more than a few hours at a time. She has rituals that she has to complete, and it is all done in 4’s. Like she has to tap the doors 4 times, her nightstand, she has to check and recheck everything in her life. At 10:14 every night she has to start her routine to go to bed and do it 4 times then she can sleep.
Henry is their brother, and from what I gather about the book he has Down’s Syndrome. He is the only one that gives the sisters true unconditional love.
Their mother is really a nut case. She is going to have open heart surgery and she needs all 3 girls to come home and help with Henry and their grandmother who has dementia. Things are bad for this family. So they return and have to face their past. That is as far as I have gotten and it is a good book so far….
TaTa for now, gotta run. I have a crisis in the making and it is not good. I may not even get to work in the Cafe now. Long story, no time, I gotta deal with this crisis….


4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces and an Update…

  1. This new adventure of yours excites the poo right out of me! Beth! And cooking! How awesome for you! You know how cupcakes are all the rage? Maybe you should consider having a “Muffin of the Day” (for example – my Pumpkin muffins with the cinnamon chips: You could add a cream cheese drizzle to them and lordy, people will want to come back on Pumpkin Muffin day each week! I want to work with you!!!!

    • Oh thanks Kathy, what a wonderful idea. I am doing muffins but yours sound delish… Come on down honey, there is plenty of work to be had. Oh scout around and look for property and you and I can go into business… LOL… I can travel to Minnesota… I have GPS and you have the baking experiece!! We could get RICH…. Be a franchise… Sounds good to me! I will be checking out your site for new ideas. I will even name the muffins after you… !!!

    • Oh Absolutely Allen. I am going to do it all…. When this takes off, I am also opening a bbq place…. I am calling it Ole Smokey where we will serve brisket, ham, chicken, corn on the cob and all sorts of goodies… This first! We are also opening the building next to us for private parties. The only draw back is no alchol because of liquor license issues, but eventually we are going to get that taken care of and serve Champagne Brunch on Sundays…. Still too excited right now. I expect I will be a nutcase until Monday night. I have had 4 people stop at my house asking when I am open and that was THIS morning… whew…

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