In my Opinion Octo Mom is a Nutcase

Disgust? Animals? Out of Control?

When it comes to Octo mom Nadya Suleman I have no prespective. I am not objective at all. I thought that she was a few fries short of a happy meal when she had those babies and it came to light that she had six more at home that she could not care for. That she was living on welfare, but managed to pay big bucks to have her eggs harvested. I have said from day one that she was out for money and she was out to out do Jon and Kate and I have never liked her.
I got pissed from the start and have stayed pissed. This is my opinion and I know there are others out there who have bent over backwards to help her and call her brave, and a devoted mom and thinks she is wonderful.
I do not share that opinion.
I would like to sit down with her for 5 minutes and tell her what I really think of her. I think that she is selfish and a very disturbed woman. Her own mother has said she has a problem and couldn’t take anymore of her drama. I believe that she seeks attention even if it is negative.
This is the same woman who said that she loved children. I have heard that she loves babies. When they start walking and talking and growing up she does not like them anymore.
The news said this morning that she said “I hate the babies, they disgust me.”
How can you say that about your children? In my years of parenting I have been angry with my children, over whelmed at times, emotional, aggravated and confused. But never, not once in the past or now in the future have I ever felt disgust.
We as parents all feel the emotions I just mentioned. We are human, we face different challenges with our children, some need more than others, some are born leaders, some are followers, some are so smart that they amaze us and others need that extra step to excell. Some kids are independent as heck and others are dependent upon us to care for their needs. But that is normal and it is not disgust that I feel. If anything I feel guilt for not being able to help my kids more.
I have tried to be objective, I really have. I did try and the more I learned, heard, read and saw, only worked to firm up my opinion and like I said, it is my opinion and I do not expect everyone to agree with me.
Their is a difference between messy, sloppy and a pig-sty. I remember what her house looked like. Mattresses on the floor, dirty clothes laying in piles, dishes stacked on every surface, and that was before the babies were born. I remember her mother saying, “I can’t help anymore, I just can’t.” I remember hearing that her father had to go back to work to help out financially. I remember the nice house that was built for her and the babies that I now hear is facing Foreclosure because she cannot make the payments. I remember the nurses that were available to her 24-7 and I remember all of the diapers, formula, money, cribs, car seats, etc and a minivan that was donated to her. And yet she complained that SHE needed more. Not the Babies, but Her! Chaps my butt and I mean royally.
How many of us moms out there have had days that we just needed a few minutes to take a shower and she complains she couldn’t find the time for a MASSAGE? Wow I guess that donations paid for that too just like the surgery to restore her body after birth.
Now there is talk of her doing a reality show? PLEEEEEESE!
She said… “The older kids are animals out of control”. Ya think??? It takes a village to raise a child and she has 14 kids! There is not enough hours in the day to devote to that many kids alone. With my 5 alone, I know that one of my children went to bed at night needing me for just a few minutes more, to hear one more story, for me to listen to one more thing in their day, for one more hug and kiss and I gave all I had. But I also knew when to stop having kids too. I knew that they needed me for more than just a few minutes out of the day. Sun up to sun down is what they needed and that is what they got from me. I did not ask for donations and complain I couldn’t get a massage and I needed ME time. Me time is normal. We all have to have that to re-group, but I found the time and energy to get up in the middle of the night and walk the floor with a sick child, I found the time to do the things I did for my children because they were my world and they were in need and as a mom I could do nothing less than to give what they needed.
Jonathan, Karyn and Laurie was not planned, but I was thrilled none the less. I planned Matthew down the the minute of conception and Nathan was a total slam dunk surprise. But I loved them regardless and never said that they disgusted me or that they were animals. How dare she!
Like I said, I am pissed at this woman. It is not up to me to say what she should have done with her eggs, because her biggest thing was “But they are my babies, the eggs are mine, mine, mine…” A selfless woman would have known that other women could have benefited, women that want a child with all of their hearts, a person who would have given all she had to raise that child. But she is not selfless, she is greedy and those children are the ones that will pay the price of her greed.
People I am here to tell you that if by some miracle of miracle other unharvested eggs of hers were found, she would find a way to have those eggs planted. She needs serious help and I have to get off of my soapbox and get on with my day, but venting helped. I am still pissed, but this is just another story in a day where my opinion doesn’t really count, because at the end of the day, there is not one thing that I can do for those children……


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