Josephine Wall is my favorite Artist to date.

WhAT do you see????

Josephine Wall. Her work is so beautiful. Sometimes I look at it and then look again and see something totally different.

I use to send her cards to my daughter for inspiration. She was just starting a new job and was having a tough time of it, so I would send her cards and she loved the Josephine Wall images.

It has been years since I have seen her cards, but the internet has helped me still enjoy her work.

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One thought on “Josephine Wall is my favorite Artist to date.

  1. Beth, I just sent you an e-mail telling you I got the photos and apologizing for taking so long to respond. Will you be using them in your blog? Separate matter: we have a problem with deer
    flies here in July. Their bite can draw blood. I put Tanglefoot, a really sticky substance you can buy at garden supply stores, on the back of a floppy hat. Deer flies prefer the back of a human neckto bite, so in 30 minutes I had 30 or so flies stuck on the Tanglefoot. It made a big difference. You could also turn a baseball cap around and cover the bill and front.

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