Did you say frogs??

Ever since the flood, we have been bombarded by frogs. Seriously it is like the PLAGUE around here. These are not just any frogs, these are tiny itty bitty baby frogs and they are so itty bitty and tiny that it is hard not to step on them and squash them. The flood waters washed in all of the frog eggs and tadpoles and deposited them in the sludge at my house. My neighbor has grass… I have sludge and frogs.

Well it is good news in a way. The snakes have plenty of food and hopefully will stay out in the woods where they belong and not have to come up close to the house to get food. I took a walk in the back yesterday to check out the damage and had to watch every step I took so I did not step on any unsuspecting froggies. They are cute in their own way. No bigger than my pinky nail, but I have to wonder with so many, what is it going to be like when they all grow up?

Oh and the flies! I have never seen so many flies in my life. I had a lot last year and they were a pain in my butt, and yesterday I swear that they were tripled in the amount. They are every where. And did you know that flies BITE? Oh yes! And nothing short of a fly swatter to swatt them works. I have sprayed, burned citronella candles, hung up those ugly fly strips and pleaded with them to get lost, but they are still around by the hundreds in each room.

On a good note!! The bathroom is functional. The tub (I wanted a new one, but money was not available so I used my old one) is installed, and is in working order. The faucet is a little off center, something to do with a stud in the wall that prevented it from plumbing perfectly, but it works and I have hot and cold water. Yay!

I also have a working toilet, and the green board and drywall is up. I have to come up with colors for paint now. Not sure what I am going to do in there. I found a color that I like called Toasted Coconut. It is a really pretty cream and is neutral. I also found a stained glass bath light fixture of deep reds, blues, and gold, so if I go with the cream, I can accent with all of the colors. Everyone is giving me ideas of what I should do. The last person said… Victorian and I said… NOT!! I am planning a Morroccan theme. Lots of Jewel tones.

I am off here to take a quick nap, pack another couple of boxes and get some stuff done. I wish that I could gather some energy, I am so tired. I have to talk to my dr. about my meds. I know that they are makeing me tired but this is crazy. I got up at 7 and 3 hours later I am ready for a nap. Somethings gotta give. I have too much work to do to be thinking of napping! TTYL


One thought on “Did you say frogs??

  1. Beth – wow! What a mess! Frogs, flies! What’s that chapter in the bible about the end of the world? (Who doesn’t know her bible? Kathy! That’s who!) What’s next – locusts!

    If there’s mold in the house, could that be effecting your health and making you sleepy?

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