Dear Heart of my Heart

May this letter be a reminder of Love

Endless love

My Dear Great-Great Grandchildren,

It would be my wish to personally welcome you into this world with open arms, but I know that I will not be here and if the Lord is willing I will be looking down at you from above.

There is so much I want to say and to share with you. Just as I try with those that paved the way for you. I try hard to convey the message of love for there truely is no greater gift. Love comes in many forms and means different things to different people.

I hope that the love you share will be the best of the best and will live on thru your actions to your great great grandchildren and will be passed on.

If your future still has money, I hope that you will invest as much as possible and never have to worry about finances. Pay yourself first and save for that rainy day because no matter how brightly the sun shines today, there will be storms ahead.

Trust in yourself and rise above those that hurt you. Have enough dignity to walk away from those that seek to embarrass and humiliate you. Seek help when you need it and never give up hope. With God all things are possible. Hold that thought inside of you and share it when you can.

Our generations and those that came before us have destroyed our planet. I hope that you plant trees and flowers and the earth that we have today will be more beautiful for you in your lifetime and that of your offspring.

Hold on to the good. Hold on to your strength. Hold on to your precious life, and even tho I do not know you today, I know that I will love you to infinity…. Your great great grandmother Beth, April 22, 2011

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