My Spring To-Do List

Week End Spring Makeover

Denmark_0411 – State Bedroom

I plan to either complete my bedroom or my bathroom this spring. I really do not care which one first. I think in the mornings when I wake up how pretty my room will look with cream colored walls and lacy curtains that can blow in the breeze, with my white comforter with tiny lavender flowers and minty green leaves. I have my bedroom designed in my head, but that will change as soon as I actually start shopping for my linens.

Then after I wake up and walk into my bathroom…. I groan loudly! The plan is to rip it out and extend it 5 feet. In the meantime I really need new towels and bathrugs and a shelf, plus my vanity needs to be re-done. I am thinking of stripping it and staining it a pretty light walnut or pecan.

So that is my spring to do list for the inside of the house.

The outside will be continuing to plant any living plant that I can get my fingers on and have tons of fun!

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