Music and Me..

Turn the radio on….

Billy Zane having a beer with Tom & Terry

I simply cannot pin one type of music down. Turn on the radio and I will attempt to dance to what ever is playing. I love it all.

I love the style of the 50 and 60's. Then classic rock of course. Funny that all the Classic Rock was not classic back in my day!

I love the old country, the twang of Lorretta Lynn and Tom T Hall, and I love the new country of today. I heard a new song the other night that is one of my now favorites by River Billy and the song is called "Like Father Like Son".

I love the old time Gospel, "Shall we gather at the river" "Rock of ages" and "The Saints come marching in" to name a few.

The big bands!! Wow they do not make music like that anymore, but I love to listen to it all. Especially Glenn Miller….. Elvis? Yeah he was good… He was nice to look at….. He did have a voice that made me "Love Him Tender" but he was not my favorite.

So who is/was my favorite? I can't say because I am still searching for that one that will own my heart forever. Right now I am stuck between Bob Segar and Toby Keith for the guys and Lorretta Lynn and Reba for the ladies… but there are the Judds, and Miranda Lambert, Faith Hill…and….. the list continues.

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