If I could make the world a better place

What I have no patience for!

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Well this is a good one! I have a whole list of no patience worthy things in my life but if I can only share 3 then I will have to try and narrow it down.

Well drunk drivers/drunk people are at the top. At least for the moment. Sad to say but my parents were alcholics and when they begin to drink then it wasn't long before the violence set in.

I seen my mom punched, hit, slapped, her hair torn out of her head, black eyes, busted lips and she wore black and blue bruises for years.

As a little girl I was terrified as my sisters were. We were too young to understand. It has had it's effect on me. I grew up timid and cannot be around anyone that has one too many.

I enjoy a cold beer on a hot afternoon, or a glass of wine occassionaly, but more than that is not for me.

The next thing on my list and this includes, Children, The Elderly and Pets.

There is no room in this world for abuse and neglect. That elderly person that is being abused was someones mother, father, friend and more. That little boy or girl that was given life deserves more than a handful of food and no attention. They deserve unconditional love. Love these people with your heart and open up your arms.

What about the animals? So gee they require a bit of your time. Gosh darn it too bad you didn't think of that before you took him/her home. Yes they need food and water. They need exercise and attention. They need training and love. Spay or neuter your pets. You will be doing good for more than your own pet.

Now for my last no patience…. It has to be one of those Know It All's.

I was at a party about a year ago and shared a table with another couple who had brought a friend. Everytime my friend asked me a question or I asked her, this woman cut us right off in mid sentence to tell us that she had the perfect solution or had the same experience. It frustrated me and embarrased my friend.

I tolerated the meal, but I excused myself during the dessert phase and never went back to my table. The woman was the talk of the event the next day. I did not comment either way, but boy it is nice to say what I thought then now.

"No you did not have the same experience as I did. Yours was your own, mine is my own. Shut up and let someone else voice an opinion, thank you."

I try to handle things diplomatically as possible. But sometimes authorities have to be notified when abuse is occuring, from the young, to the old, to the pets of the world, from the drunks.

The Know It All's have to be handled by someone that is not afraid to voice their opinion. Unfortunately for me I do not stand up to a Know It All until I have had all I can stand, and then some. Then they get slammed!!!

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