My High School Reunion

Old School… No Thanks!

The Old School, Upper Mill, Saddleworth

No High School reunion for me. I hated high school and high school hated me. We agreed to disagree so to speak.

I was not one of the cool kids, I did not sit at the cool kid table and when teams had to be chosen, I was usually last.

I could not play sports because I am dyslexic. I had no cordination and I couldn't remember one move from the next.

I sucked at math. I sucked at algebra and I held my own in geometry. I still cannot properly do a fraction and percentages still fuddle my brain.

What I was good at…. English lit, History and Home Ec. I did alright in science in spite of Biology which I worked my butt off with extra assignments and still had to disect a frog!

Now let's get to the real reason I hated high school. I cannot name names but they are out there, I assure you. The rich girls, the cheer leaders, the cool kids, the teachers pets.

We were from two different worlds. I did not even fit in with the nerdy kids.

I was a tween. Not destitute but money was a bigger issue than it should have been.

Not nerdy enough for those guys either. What I did was go to school, keep my books open, do my assignments and went home as soon as the bell rang.

Funny how years later I have run into those rich girls who are now not so rich or so pretty and if they are then it was because of plastic surgery.

Running into the nerdy group was really fun because they turned out to be great lawyers and doctors husbands and fathers.

You never know, but I do not wish to go back and and dredge up old memories that caused me so much pain.

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