I will dance for my supper…..

How can I not love the Dance?

Belly Dancer : Silence Of The Nile

I would love to be a dancer because a dancer is very disciplined in their life. They follow a strict regime and they watch what they eat, exercise regularly and can be elegant and graceful in one second and can totally switch to a rocking and rolling dance King or Dance Queen.

I would have loved to dance in Vegas as one of the original showgirls. I think that they were stunning. If I had the body, grace and cordination, I would love to dance in any city or any stage!

But then there is also the Ballet which I adore…. I could go on and on but you get the idea LOL.

Oh but wait…. I forgot, how can I forget… I would be a Belly Dancer!!! Yep that is the one for me!

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