On Being in the Spotlight

Ouch… Did I really do that???

Entertainer reads the “Stage door enquiries” sign in a JCW theatre, Sydney, 1938 / by Sam Hood

Oh yes, I was on stage once and once was enough… Back in Highschool we had our FHA initiation.

On the stage we were blind folded and had our hands put in ice water and a feather tickled under our nose…. What we didn;t know was when they allowed us to pull our hands out of water they put whipped cream in them and so when the feather tickeled our nose, we slapped whipped cream every where… That was bad, but not as bad as my finale.

Still blind, folded they twirled me around until I was dizzy and they had a rope and I had to take a running leap to jump across it…I jumped completely off the stage.

I hurt for a week and was so embarrassed that I have always preferred behind the scenes in all that I do….

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