Meat Lover or Meatless: My Stance on Vegetarianism

Where's The Beef?


Yes I have considered it, but the closest that I have come is cutting my meat servings down and eating more vegatables.

Several years ago I was having a test done and after I undressed and put on a robe, I was escorted to a waiting room where another couple was also waiting.

We began talking and our conversation steered to age. I was astounded to find out that they were well into their golden years. I put them at around 50 or 55 years old.

They explained to me that their whole family looked young and were extremely active because they were vegetarians for the most part. They did eat a peice of chicken once a week but for the most part it was all veggies.

I would like to do anything that will perserve out bodies and help us to retain a healthy body.

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