Wolf Spiders and dogs don’t mix


 I know it has been a few days since I have posted. I have sort of been in a funk. Just tired. I am working at a convience store for a friend this week. I may actually be doing this for a while, or the lady who really works here may decide to come back to work even part time.

  I cannot remember if I posted this or not, but my dog Bandit has been over run with fleas.  Anyone who knows me knows that I groom Bandit weekly. I have to because he has so much hair. It is all over him and thick too. So he has to be brushed, bathed, conditioned, blow dried abd brushed again. All of this only takes about 3 hours of my day. Seriosly. He is a very pampered pooch.

 Well the fleas were terrible. I have used Frontline, which did help, then I switched to another brand that worked really good for a few weeks then quit working. So he was scratching a lot. But the other night when I was bathing him he just cried and cried and I couldn’t understand why.

 Then he started having problems walking. I finally got him to lay still with someone helping me hold him down and I raised his tail an started pulling back the fur and almost had a heart attack. It was bad. This wound had a lot of infection. I cleaned him with some dial soap and warm water, peroxide and put neosporin on it. The next moring I called and got him an appointment to see the vet.

 A wolf spider had laid an egg in my dog’s back side and laid 12 baby spiders. UGHHHH…. so the doc had to dig them out of his wound.  He is better now. He is actually running around, wagging his tail and his appetite is returning, but oh man that poor baby. No wonder he cried and the vet thru my stuff in the trash that I was using for fleas and gave him some kind of tablet and let me tell you, that stuff is like magic. It costs $17.50  a month but it is so worth it.

I am at work, gotta go. Going to be a long day. I am tired and still have 2 more days to work. TTYL


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