The Star-Crossed Lovers

Going the distance in love

Old tree branch on sandy beach

"Love isn't always enough" Emma said quietly stopping just before stepping up the stone pathway towards her cottage.

The night was warm, a million stars twinkling in the moonlight, the soft water of the ocean lapping at the shore. She tipped her head up and looked at Jack with her heart in her eyes. "Sometimes we have to have faith and hope and trust, especially trust and if we have that then anything is possible."

Jack reached for her then, pulling her close. "Emma, I do love you, I have faith in you and in us. We can make it. Trust me."

Emma reached out to take his hand and squeezed.

"Alright Jack, I am trusting you with my heart and I believe that we will make it.

Thirty years later, the same beach, the same stone pathway to the cottage where Emma and Jack came to every year, her words reached out to him. They had made it.

"Emma do you remember the first time that we walked on this beach."

"I do Jack." she reached for his hand. "And we made it didn't we?"

"Yes, all it took was a little faith and a little trust, and just a bit of love."

Hand in hand they walked up the stone pathway to the cottage, with the stars twinkling above them and the ocean lapping softly at the shore……….

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