Hello…Meet my new friend

Top Of The Morning To You!

   AAhh the weather is cooling off and the leaves are falling. We had a little rain during the night and I think that I slept better last night than I have in a long time. I actually woke up this morning feeling like I was rested and a little more energy.
 I went outside with my coffee and played with Bandit and my new dog Seymore for a little while.
 Seymore is so funny. He is kinda homely looking, with one ear up and one ear flopping down. He is black with just a tad bit of white on his chest and right under his bottom lip is slightly white. Sort of like an old man starting a beard. He is still a baby. I bet that he is not 6 months old yet.
 I did not go out and seek this dog. He was starving to death and was eating what ever scraps he could find. He was totally scared of me and would see me and run, but I continued to put food out for him and he would come and eat when I was not around, but in time he would watch me from a distance and he would get closer and closer and then on the 27th of August, he walked up to me and laid his head in my lap.
 Well if anyone really knows me, then you all know that was it for me. It was LUV and so I have him and he has me and I have double trouble, because Bandit did not fall in luv at first sight. Oh no, it was more like WAR big time. He was like, hey man this is my bread and butter, take a hike or I will make you take a hike.
 After Seymore got attacked from Bandit several times and still came around, Bandit decided that Seymore is here to stay. But there are major differences between the two dogs. Bandit is definitly the Alpha Dog. He is also an inside dog because he is too damn spoiled to even think of staying outside. He wants his comfy spot at the end of my bed at night and he likes having a lot of attention from me during the times I am home.
 I can tell that Seymore is never been a house dog. Oh he wants to come in, but I am not about to even begin to train a 6 month old dog to potty outside. I just do not want to deal with that. Seymore is grateful for any food he gets. Cheap dog food is fine by him, but finicky fussy Bandit will not eat anything but his Nibbles and Kibbles and Bits.
 Also there is the furniture thing. I am sure that Seymore would be all over the sofa and chairs and he would probably mark his territory, then Bandit would have to mark his and I am like… Not Happening… So Bandit gets to be treated as Top Dog in the house and Seymore gets to be Top Dog outside. I think that is a perfect division of affection. Plus Bandit is 8 years old now and it would be hard for him to be treated as a dog when he never really has been.
 Not that I treat him as a human, but close. I mean he gets his bath and brushing every week, he gets his treats and he gets his toys and I play with him a lot. Especially with candy. He loves to it when I hide a peice of candy and he has to go on a treasure hunt and find it.
 Well I am sure that you are tired of hearing about my dogs, so I will move on….
 Like I said, the weather here is near perfect. But there are some things that concern me. Hurricane Earl is kicking up a fuss and I am worried that he is going to inflict his temper on North Carolina or some place close. I am worried about Laurie, Dave and the kids. But…. But I know that they are a Military family and they will be evacuated if it comes to that. I don’t really think that it will, but I am still apprehensive of it.
 I have been working on some scrapbook pages of my family. Mama and daddy, the grand kids, my kids, neices and nephews, brothers and sisters. I have a program on my computer that lets me work on them and then print them out for my scrap books. I wish that I could get my family involved. I have like 4 blogs going, a website, and not one of them will really go in and check it out or comment or anything. Bums me out, but oh well. It is there if they wanna look and if they do that is great and if they don’t then that is ok too.
 I have lost tons of pictures. Mainly vacation pictures. I cannot find them at all. They must have gotten lost in the many moves that I have made over the years. I really want them because there are several good pictures of us at Knottsberry Farm in California, and a lot in Utah.
 Well one more thing and I have to get off here, get dressed and go to the post office.
 I just want to say I am feeling better and hope that I continue to do well emotionally. The fog is lifting a little at a time. It has been hard to be depressed. I am going to take it all one day at a time tho and see what happens. Bye for now…..


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