What I Believe (or Don't)

But for the grace of God go I

Burnside Church, Wairarapa, New Zealand, 10 December 2005

I am a Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour and that he came so I could be washed in the blood of the lamb.

I did not grow up in a christian home. In fact I don't recall ever seeing my father pray. My mom said that she prayed in private. Of course if we went to dinner somewhere and the family prayed, so did we.

I tried to keep my kids in church from infants to adults but I am not sure how strong their beliefs are and I attribute that to some bad experiences in the churches that we had attended.

As for me, I do not attend church really. I believe that everyday that I walk out doors, see the wonder of a new born baby, see the sunrises and sunsets, see the miracles right under my nose, I know that I do not have to sit in a church and give thanks.

I would not say that I am religious, but I am spirtual. I love to read anything that has to do with healing and faith, love and hope.

When someone asks me what religion I am I simply say, "I am a child of God"

When I was young our landlady would take us to her church. She was a Seventh Day adventest. Then when we moved from there, I went to a small church down the street. Then as a teenager I joined the Calvary Baptist Church.

But I have long since stopped going to church because of the way I happend to see things being done and said and how my children were treated, how our good pastor was treated. It just formed a sadness and I want to experience happiness and joy, so I think to answer the question, Time changed me. The more I grew, the more questions I asked, the more that I began to seek the answers.

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