What I'd Say to My 16-Year-Old Self

Dear Beth

Vintage stationary, old letters, stacks of old stamps and an antique pen

Why were you so stupid to think that that boy was the beginning and end of your world. What were you thinking?

Concentrate upon school, friends, grades and seriously think of a career that will benefit you in the future.

Please date more. There will be a boy that could be your soul mate if you will take the time to get to know him and not worry about what your friends will think if you dated him.

Don't lose site of your self because of others and mainly, treat your mom and your dad with more respect and tell them daily that you love them….

Ok that is what I would say to my self because I took so many back roads to where I am now, and if I had concentrated upon what was important back then I could have taken the interstate lol.

But I could never know how much love I had for my parents. Not at 16. I thought that they would always be there.

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