I smell a Rat!

I have a rat. He/She kept me awake most of the night gnawing on what ever is between me and He/She in the wall or ceiling or where ever it decided to be. That means it is time to go and buy some rat bait and doodle it up with some peanut butter and toss it up in the attic. My room is off limits to critters that keep me awake at night.
 Then I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom. I have a bug and was sick for most of the night. I have been icky for the last couple of days so I was not surprised to be hit by this. I have got to get to the store and stock up on cold meds, tylenol and such for winter. I want to have it all on hand and not get caught with nothing to ease my discomfort. I am so spoiled when it comes to me.
 So I have a couple of things on my list of soap box topics.
I am so sick of watching the re-runs of my favorite shows. I watched a little of NCIS last night until I realized that I had already seen it, so I waited for NCIS Los Angeles and I had already seen that one too and then when The Good Wife came on and I had seen it for at least 3 times I just shot off the tv and decided to go to bed. I was so frustrated. I understand that the summer is the time for re-runs, but I am really tired of watching the same thing every week. Mainly it is because Tuesday nights is really the only time that I watch tv. I may watch the news or some of the other shows, but I really like those three the most.
 Next on my soap box list is:
 What in the hell is wrong with these mothers that are killing their children? It makes me so sick to hear and to know that these precious children are being killed by their mothers. It is bad enough that children die but at the hands of the parents that are supposed to love them.
 My God, take these kids to the local police station, or a friends house or what ever. I just cannot understand it. I was listening to the news this morning and that little boy that is missing, Kyron I believe is how to spell his name, it just breaks my heart. Then there was a woman in South Carolina that smothered her baby boys and staged it to look like she drove in to the river. She later confessed, but… What the hell?
 So this is what is laying heavy on my heart this morning. I wish that I could protect every child, but I can’t. Did I write about the time that I chased a woman in Wal-Mart that was dragging her child who was barely walking, down the isle? I cannot stand to see a person mistreat a child.
 In other news:
My den is almost finished. I have still left to do is texture and paint one small wall, paint the ceiling and put up crown molding, baseboard and get new carpet. I was not sure what I wanted to paint it. I wanted to accent one wall with the same red that I was doing for the kitchen and dining room, but I had a feeling that it would just take over. If I had really high ceilings then I think that it would have been fine, but I have standard ceilings and I do not want it to look boxed in any more than it does already. So I chose two shades that compliment each other. One is a very light tan called Historical Tan and the other is darker tan. Not really a brown, but not a beige either. It is called Fawn and is very pretty. It will really pop with new carpet and high gloss white trim and white ceilings.
 I want new furniture but that is going to have to wait. I have to do the kitchen and dining room floors next. I just have to make up my mind on what kind of floor that I want. I really don’t want tile, because it is so cold in the winter, and for some reason I always end up with the grout coming loose and then I get stuck with having to re-seal it. (I do not like being on my knees if I don’t have to be).
 I could go with laminated flooring but I am not a big fan of that either. I have enough dust bunnies to last a life time, not to mention Bandit who sheds and his fur flies everywhere. Sweeping it makes it fly farther and scatters it, so I used a swiffer and a dust mop in the last house that I lived in and it worked ok, but it was a pain. It seemed like I had to swiffer or dustmop at least twice a day.
 I could go with just a plain old dirt floor and then I wouldn’t have to worry about dust bunnies and dirt. I could just rake it up and be done Haha.
 I suppose that isn’t an option either, so I will have to get serious at some point in the near future and decide on what I am going to go with. I have been in such a hurry to get this house together for Christmas for the kids, but at this point I am not getting good vibes that the kids will be coming home for Christmas so I am not going to rush it. Now that I say that watch them decide to come and me not have the house together.
 This house was in terrible terrible shape when I moved in it. The poor thing had been vacant for like 7 years and it had a roof leak that really did some damage before the people realized it was leaking. It has a new roof, but it is not a surprise now that it needs a new one because some fly by night did a piss poor job of it. If it storms from the North it leaks a little in the center of the house and everyone I have had look at it says the same thing. They do not know exactly where the point of origin is at and cannot determine where it is really leaking. The whole roof is not bad, just one place where water is coming in. If I had the money I would call a roofing specialist, but unfortunately I have not been able to win the lottery as of yet, so until I do I am stuck with a little here and a little their. It is truely Feast or Famine here.
 Well it is time for me to get off of here and do something productive. I think that my top priority is to go back to bed since I had very little sleep last night. So that is what I am going to do. I need some extra ZZZZZ’s.


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