My advice: 'Go ahead and Grieve'

I am sorry your hurting

Go ahead and Grieve
Breaking up is the end of a relationship. It is the death of a love and it does not have a time table to say how long it is going to hurt. Life will make it hard enough as it is because there are things totally out of that persons control.

Holidays are usually hard, anniversarys and birthdays are just a few things that will come along. When we experience these things, the pain returns, so it is ok to grieve and it is ok to lick your wounds.

Don’t make it harder than it has to be
While grieving is a natural process, it can take over your life if you let it. Don’t go to the places that was his or her favorite place. Don’t seek out his or her friends to ask about him/her and try to keep a positive and open attitude. It is hard naturally, but you will feel worse if you keep looking at old pictures and listening to the same music and watching the same movies. Remember that this door may have closed but it closed for a reason. Take this time to focus on you and what you want in your next relationship. It all takes time and someday you will be able to face your broken heart and the past relationship. Time does heal.

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