Do dreams really come true?

This was so real

LIttle League baseball, May 2009 – 17

I dreamed that I was attending a t-ball or little league baseball game and I seen a friend of mine's mother and she was waving to me.

I went over to her and we were talking and she asked me if I had seen her daughter, that it was really important that she talk to her.

I told her that I had not, but that I would try to call her when I got home. She said that would be good. She was in the same town where her daughter and I lived so I asked her why she couldn't go by and visit her daughter while she was here in town and she said, "I just can't. I need you to tell her that I have to talk to her."

It felt so real. It was very strange and it bothered me. I just kept saying it is a dream, it was just weird. My girlfriend didn't have a phone at the time. Actually she did, but it was not working and she was waiting for the repair men to come and fix it, so I sent my son over to her house and told him to tell her to come over.

When she got there I explained my dream and we both thought that it wouldn't hurt to call her mom and it would reassure both of us. Well her mom was in the hospital with a severe pancreatic infection or attack or something and no one could call my girlfriend because no one else had my number for an emergency and her phone was out of order.

It was really a prophetic dream for me.

i have had others but not as real to me as this one.

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