The Punishment Should Fit The Crime.

What is the right answer???? More questions than answers and no I do not want to see anyone die, but…

Tom Horn meets his fate

This is an indepth topic and it is going to be hard for me to formulate the right words, but I am going to try to answer this as well as I can.

Do I believe in the death penalty?

I wish that I could just say yes or no and be done with that, but I cannot say that I believe or disbelieve in the death penalty.

When there are no options then the court system has to do something, but our prisons are over crowded by inmates that keep appealing their death sentence.So what good is that system really doing when it can take years and years for someone on death row to be put to death?

I also think that the punishment should fit the crime. To hell with lethal injection to those people who chain their children up and starve them to death. Why should they die an easy and quick death when their victims did not?

No for those I think that they should be locked away and slowly starved.

If people knew what they were going to get as punishment then perhaps some of them would think twice before they raped, murdered and tortured their victims.

But it is not going to change. The perps know that at least in prison that their death penalty days are well into years. It is not an immediate action so they can go on and get 3 meals a day, and stay alive when their victims can never take another breath. They have a place to lay their heads at night and they can use our legal system to find loop holes so they can get out and do it all again.

My last thought on this is that I believe that if there is reasonable doubt then the inmates should at least have one more try to clear them selves, but after that is over, get on with it. If they are sentenced to die, then just do it and get it over with and not let it drag on for years and years.

Years ago people were hanged shortly after the death sentence. They did not wait around for years to see if they could get new trials.

Why should criminals get away with anything after they are found guilty and sentenced to die?

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