The Alaskan Fuzz

Dream Job

The Alaskan Cop Beat

"Hey Rossi look at that will ya!"

"Oh man, looks like my dream girl has arrived."

"What do you mean your dream girl? It is time that you gave others a shot at the dream girl factor."

"Charlie you wouldn't know what to do with a girl like that. She would eat you alive and spit you out before you could get to first base."

"First base being her phone number right?"

"Give or take. Is this going to be in an official or non-official capacity?"

"Do I need a capacity? I think that I will just go over and say hello. Welcome her to Alaska."

"Whoa before you do that look who just walked out of The Wolf Den and he is heading straight for dream girl."

"Oh man, could my luck be that bad or his be that damn good. What is he doing with dream girl?"

"Looks like they are going for a ride."

"Yep and it looks like he just made it official. Let's go Rossi and find out what Cal Hodges is up to now."

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