My Weirdest Pet Peeve

Saltine Cracker

Pet Peeves (Weird or Otherwise)

I suppose that my pet peeve isn't exactly weird, it is however the one thing that can get me up on my soap box to where I will bellow loudly to anyone in hearing distance in my home. I have asked nicely, I have whined about it, I have become disgusted and I have yelled. It has done no good.

In the 20 years that this has been happening, it has not changed and I suppose that it never will and will always be my pet peeve.

Ok here goes. I hate it when someone uses the last of something and leaves the container behind. Like crackers. They will take the last package and close the box up and shut the cabinet.

Butter, instead of tossing the empty butter bowl in the trash I will find it stuffed way in the back of the fridge and think I still have butter or what ever the object is and not buy more when I go to the grocery store.

So there it is. My pet peeve.

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