It’s all about me today

I am so sleepy today. I have stayed up late reading for the past few nights and it is telling on me. Plus I have a headache and I had to cut all of my fingernails off. Plus I need to take a bottle of hair color and wash this gray right out of my hair But I am too lazy today. I want to surf the internet and sleep. But I am at a girlfriends house so I cannot just curl up and sleep. I could, it is just the teen agers here who could care less.

 This brings me to Teen Agers!

 My friend has 2 teenagers… a boy 15 and a girl 12 or 13…. close enough.

 Mom tells the oldest teenage boy : I am going to work and you all are to stay here at the house today and I do not want any company over here today. I mean it.

 Teenage son: Ok mom I hear you.

Mom goes to work and teenage son gets dressed and leaves house. I do not say anything, I am here to use the internet, not babysit or tattle tale.

 Teenage son comes home with 2 friends. Then they all are loud and wake up teenage daughter who gets on the phone and calls friend who comes over. They go to her room and they are just talking and laughing.

 Teenage son gets ticked off at little sis and says…. Mom said no company today… I guess he forgot that he left earlier and brought company back with him. Teenage girl ignores Teenage boy. Meanwhile I am watching and listening and thinking….

 Teenage boy calls an older teenage girl with a car and she arrives and takes Teenage boy away. They are not gone long, but they have returned with more Teenagers. Then Teenage girl decides to leave with the other Teenage girl for a while.

 Now get this…. Teenage Son gets on the phone to MOM and say….. Mom sis left and she had company over here and she left with them and came back and got something and left again. (Silence) then, No I have been right here and will you call sis and tell her to get back here and clean her room and take a bath?

 Hmmm So when friend gets home today I am going to tell her this conversation. Teenage girl went to get hair stuff at other girls house. She came right back. Teenage boy for some reason has this big huge thing about getting his sister in trouble. Truely sounds like he likes to get her in trouble but he is doing the exact same thing that he is tattleing on her for.

 OK boring post…. I am taking that nap Kids or no Kids…. (Teenagers).


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