Good deeds don't go unnoticed

Oh wow this is going to be hard because I have had a lot of strangers in my life that have done nice things for me, but this is the one that comes to my mind often.

My grandson was about 7 or 8 months old and I was keeping him for the day so that my daughter and son in law could have a rare day to them selves when my phone rang and it was youngest son. He was in Vegas and some how he ended up stranded. He didn't have his id or something with him and for some reason the driver of the bus wouldn't let him on the bus and it was cold. Super cold.

Well I was broke. Actually I just hadn't cashed my pay check at the time. I had money but no way to get to the bank and cash it on a Sunday. But I scrounged up my change and headed to the nearest 7-11 to get gas and go and pick up my son. It wasn't that far, but I was afraid I would run out of gas. I raked up 5 dollars in quarters nickels and dimes and I am sure pennies too and I carried my cranky grandson inside with me and he squirmed and cried while I was trying to count out the change. A woman behind me tried to hold him but he was having none of it.

I finally got the money counted out and put my grandson back into his car seat and started pumping the gas.

This woman came out of the store and told me that the pump was not going to stop at 5.00 because she paid for 20.00 and when I told her that I had money, but just not gotten to the bank. She gave me a hug and I thought that I felt her hand near my pocket but it was so cold and she said she had to go. I dont know how many times that I thanked her, because I was afraid of running out of gas before I got home.

I finished getting the gas and got in the car. I reached into my pocket for the keys and took our a peice of paper that said Please use this for yourself. Have a great day and inside the note was another 20.00 bill.

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