The Worst Teacher I Ever Had

science class

The worse teacher I ever had was my Science/any other subject teacher in 8th grade. He was a terrible gossip and I am sure that he thought that the gossip that he shared was gospel instead of rumors.

I had some issues with my health that year. I was new to the school and I hated his class from the start. My stomach and side had been really hurting and I was bloated really badly. I begin to hear rumors that he said that I was pregnant. Gee, I didn't even have a boyfriend then.

It hurt, really bad because people whispered about the new girl being pregnant. The principle called me in his office with the school nurse to "talk" to me.

On a Friday night my mom and dad took me to the emergency room for the pain that I was having. I had a bad infection and ovarian cyst and on top of that I had to have my appendix taken out.

I stared that man down as I handed him a letter from my dr. and stared at him as he read that I did not have a baby, I had surgery.

I thought that would be the end of it, but the next rumor was that I had an abortion. Rumor started or I heard it was started by the same teacher. I feel that was really low down for a teacher but I was lucky enough to only have to endure him one year. I had a great teacher in High School.

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