I wrote this last night

 Random Bits of Thoughts

  I wish that I could say that I had an exciting day, that I jet setted off to some wonderful place, like London or Paris, that I dined with the most interesting people, met with perhaps the Queen of England, or was ravished by some tall dark rich Sheik of the dessert.
 But the closest that I came to anything exciting today was sitting glued to the tv to see if the tornado that was heading our way was going to hit us. Forty-five minutes I was mentally preparing for disaster. I did not miss this climate the years that I lived in Nevada. Yes it was hot,110 0n a good day.
 But this…. Well here we have horrible humidity, misquito’s and fleas and ticks and I swear that I have seen cockroaches that scare me. Thankfully not in the house, but just give them a little while.
 Not only that but do you know that I cannot buy beer or wine here on a Sunday???
 It is true. People have to be prepared here for drink and make merry. Better get what you want Monday thru Thursday because that is all the time that you have. I suppose it is not a big deal to those that are from here. It is people like me who forgets until Sunday.
 My girlfriend Syl just got back from her sisters house in Texas today. She looked exhausted and I am sure that she just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep, but she had so much to do when she got home. Every time the poor girl sat down or laid down, someone was either calling her or knocking on her door.
 Dinner tonight was dull. I made a pot of vegatable beef soup yesterday. I heated that up and had some of it and later some mashed potato’s and a few black eyed peas. I am hungry now, but my fridge is empty because my car broke down and I can not get to the store at the present time.
 Did I mention that my roof(Not even a year old yet) has a leak and it is causing havoc with my brand new dry wall and my recessed lighting? Oh but yes…. Rain poured here yesterday and I had to run for a bucket to catch the water. I stuck it under the leak and went to my bedroom and slammed the door. I did not even want to think of the damage that was being done.
 So here I am now, so tired I cannot even think straight. I am ready for bed and just don’t want to call it a night yet, but I will for now.
 Oh I do have one thing to report. I have joined a site called Plinket.com and what it offers is a challenge of the day so I can write about it. Like…. What is the one book that you can read over and over again, or What three songs would be added to your play list that you never get tired of, or How do you see yourself ten years from now… That kind of thing. I love writing or I should say typing, but I get stuck in trying to figure out what to write about and this site is neat for me, so if you see a lot of posts on there, some short, some long, it is because I have shared them with my blog….
 So good night my blogger friends….. Sweet Dreams.


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