Food Memories

                        What career choice affected my life for the better or for the worse?

Well I have decided that the food industry was the one that affected my life for the better. I have always liked working with food, but of course it becomes tedious doing the same thing. “Order, two eggs medium well, bacon and whole wheat toast, grits on the side.”
 “Cheeseburger, mayo, hold the pickles, med. fry.”
 I also had to deal with the regulars whom were what we considered problems. Now there are some stories there, but we also had the sweet ones too.
 One lady came in every Sunday with her husband. They always ordered the same thing, 1 large waffle, 2 slices of bacon and an extra plate. Wouldn’t you know it, this particular Sunday we were slammed and I seen them get out of the car so I put in their order. They had been seated and I grabbed up their order and headed for the table. They were so surprised to see me there with their breakfast and the lady grabbed my hand and said, “Dear we thought that we would have oatmeal this morning.” 
 It was no big deal, but I never had there food made again until they told me what they wanted, which turned out to be the waffle and bacon.
 Then there was this man that we could never please, no matter how much we tried. His eggs were always runny, or to hard or the bacon was to crispy, or not crispy enough. One day our boss had enough, (He had pulled a big drunk the night before so he wasn’t in the best of moods anyway) when he left the grill and headed for the table. “Perhaps you would like to cook your own breakfast. Be my guest.”  The guy of course didn’t cook his own breakfast, but he did shut up for the most part.
 I suppose that I have stories that would go down in history, but I will only tell a few.
 Well like I told you, our boss was actually the owner of the cafe and he loved to drink. He also loved to leave on a moments notice. He was the cook, I was the dishwasher and my sister was the waitress. At least that was how it was supposed to be.
 One night he called my sister and said, “I think that you can run it, I am going to Mexico, you know where the cash box is and I will see you later.”
 That was no surprise that my sister pretty much knew how to handle it because she had to when he pulled a drunk and was in the back nursing a hangover.
 I am not sure of the day or how long it had been, but I remember that we had been busy. It was just the two of us. She cooked and I waited tables and we both washed dishes and cleaned. We were exhausted and couldn’t wait for 2:00 when we closed. Well about 15 minutes before closing this man comes in and we looked at each other and groaned.  But gracious we were and I went to take his order. It was simple, a cheeseburger and fries. He was reading the paper and my sister cooked his food and I stocked and was doing setups for the next morning.
 She called for his order to be picked up and I took it to the man, made sure he had salt, pepper, ketchup, napkins, etc….
 A few seconds later, my sister called for me.
 This is the conversation that took place.
 Sis: Beth, come here please.
 Me: Yeah what is it?
 Sis: Look I forgot to put the hamburger patty on his cheeseburger!
 Me: Oh No!
 Sis: Go get his plate and I will stick it on there.
 Me: Uh-Uh no way, you do it, you messed it up.
 So while we were arguing the man finished his burger or ummm veggie burger. I made my sister check him out to, because I just couldn’t do it.
 Sis slowly moved to the register, she moved a little faster when I gave her a push out of her hiding spot. Taking the ticket she rang it up and the man told her what a wonderful burger that was. The best that he had in years and tipped the cook!!!!
 As soon as we could, we locked up and laughed like crazy. We use to just think of things that had happened in our lives working at that place. I was so young. 15 years old. Seems like yesterday in a lot of ways.
 My first job was a summer job waitressing for a hotel with my parents permission. I had been 14 and saved my money up and bought a stereo from Levines. I put it on layaway and it was so worth all those long hard hours.
 The grill had been my second job ever and I stayed with it until I was 18 and moved away. The grill was open from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm. We were closed on Mondays. Funny the little things that I remember.
 I have done many jobs over the years. I have cleaned hotel/motel rooms, managed apartments, did construction work, trained to be a prep cook and sous chef, babysit, cleaned houses, yardwork, you name it, but I have always loved the food industry the best. Someday I would like my own restraunt or cafe.
 Well I guess this is it for now. I enjoyed my trip down memory lane. I wish that I had some pictures of that time to share, but I don’t. I am getting hungry. I think that I will get dressed and run down and get a cheeseburger, and will be watching to make sure that I get my hamburger meat patty, lol……


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