Only in dreams

This actually happend this morning. I woke up and tried to make sense of this dream but I still do not know what it means at all or even if it should have a meaning. So here goes:

I am sitting in my kitchen surrounded by friends and family when I looked out and seen that it was raining. It was coming down hard too and I seen a man walking up my sidewalk. I am thinking to my self "I know this man" but I could not place him. I opened the door and it was "Bruce Willis" in the flesh with rain soaking him from head to toe and he says, "Hey you got something I can put on? It's fricking wet out here."

I run to my closet and grab my pink and white fluffy robe and give it to him. He is so glad as he puts it on and dries off and says, "Well are you ready to go?" and I am wondering what he is talking about. He says "We are expected at the BBQ" and I say "Oh we are?" And I ask where it is and he said it was over the hill and I told everyone goodbye and Bruce Willis and I strolled off in the rain to a BBQ.

I woke up and that is all I can remember of this strange dream……


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