If I Could Relive Any Day of My Life

This Duchess

If I could go back and change one thing it would be the day that my dog Duchess died.

Duchess was the best dog ever. She had a great temperment and loved kids and played with them for hours on end. I never had to worry about the kids when they were outside because Duchess would sit and watch them for hours why they played, never leaving their side.

My mom spent the night with me one night and she came into my room and said she had seen a man outside under our carport. She also said that my neighbor flipped on their back porch light. Well I didn't think too much about it because my neighbor did flip her light on and off a lot at night when she opened her back door to throw something in the trash.

But the man part? Well I got up and walked around and seen nothing so I said, maybe it was just a shadow. Mom was up all night. She could not sleep thinking someone might be breaking in.

The next morning I got up to take the kids to school and Duchess was laying down by my car. Usually she would be prancing around the car ready to follow me down to the school. But this particular morning she raised her head and looked at me. I said, "Duchess are you tired this morning, did you have a hard night? Did you go out on doggie town last night?" I petted her and she raised her head and licked my hand.

The kids all bustled into the car and off we went to the school. I dropped them off and had this nagging feeling about my dog. She never just laid around. I pulled up in the carport and she was still laying there. She didn't even raise her head up to me this time.

When I got to her she wagged her tail and raised her head and I saw blood coming from her ears. I was so scared. I called for my mom and she came out and helped me get her in the car. She stayed at the animal hospital for 3 days before she died. Mostly in a coma.

I found out later that the man next door had bought rat poison. He hated all animals, dogs, cats, birds, anything that moved. (Kids) It didn't matter to him.

The vet said that my dog had eaten rat poison.

Duchess never ate it on her own. I suspect the man next door put it on something and gave to her. That is why mom saw the porch light come on and go off and seen a man under my carport.

Well regardless, I wish that I had been a little more alert to how Duchess was acting. I would have realized she was not well. I would have told her how much I loved her.


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