My Life, Ten Years From Now

I would like to see myself financially stable. I have been working on that end for most of my kife and cannot seem to save a dime. When it rains it pours, something always comes up when it comes to money. The kids got sick, I got sick, the roof leaks, the car breaks down, kids need money for what ever, I need money for what ever and do with out it. Life happens and I was never in the position for financial security in the first place, so now that I am 50 I do not see it just sliding in. I missed my golden opportunity, but if I can see myself with a place to live, a car that is dependable, enough food for myself and my loved ones, my immediate bills paid, then I am ok.

But in ten years from now….. I just hope that I am alive and able to see my children, grandchildren and family. It is funny how things turn out, but when years pass, things that seemed important at the time is not. It changes from money to things that are truely important.


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