My house and I

Ok well I have been posting a little here and there about my house and last night I sat down and made a commitment. Yes I chose paint. Paint is a fickle creature, it has to be something loved, but it also has to be something that you can live with.
 Some people choose paint by it being their favorite color. Take green for instance. My living room suit is green and white ( I assure everyone within reading distance that this is temorary, and shall be remedied as soon as possible) because I hate it, but the fact is at the moment it is green and white and one of my walls need to go a deep deep red. Now I am not particulary crazy about my living room looking like Christmas year around.  But I cannot afford to rush out and buy another living room sofa, so what I will have to do is NOT paint that wall deep deep red until the furniture is rectofied. But I want the deep deep red paint soooooooo badly.
 Oh I know that I am not makeing sense at all at the moment. If you have not figured it out yet, this is my dilema….. I want a deep ruby red wall to accent my den but I cannot live with that color because of green furniture…..what I can do is make do. So I also chose a soft, so very soft misty gray. It is neutral enough that I can use it until I burn I mean buy a new sofa… And then I can accent my wall with the color I have wanted for that room.
 Now the color is intense. Extremely deep and it will take over the room if not handled carefully. It has to be an accent, not the drama queen. It will need to be able to stand alone, but at the same time it will need to blend in as one.
 I can do this. I may not be good at a lot of things. But I am good at this. I am going to master this room and everyone who steps thru my doors will say AHHHH!!!

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