I want to go back on vacation

Well I am home. I caught the bus and let me tell you, I froze for 8 hours. Never again will I go anywhere, not anywhere with out a small jacket or something. Now if I had of taken a jacket, the air conditioner would have died, so I dressed in shorts and a tank top and turned into a frozen lump. We stopped twice for a 10 minute break and I could actually feel myself defrost. I wondered when I stepped on to the bus why everyone was wearing jackets or had blankets. Now I know….

 Then on the way home my girlfriend and I had to go straight thru a thunderstorm. It was nice to see the rain, right up until the high wind and lightening and found out that the thunderstorm had an imbedded tornado and we had NO PLACE to take cover. Thankfully it all shifted or we shifted or something. No tornado was reported thankfully, but it could have been bad.

 I finally made it home and when I stepped into the door, a profound sense of sadness enveloped me. Why I am not sure, but I think that it was the fact that I just wasn’t ready to come home and hit the old routine just yet. In fact I wasn’t going back to work until Monday and that got canceled about ten minutes after I got home. It was crazy and here I am stealing a few minutes so I can blog. Sad sad sad I tell you.

 The good thing about being home is…. My best friends, my loving dog and my bed. Oh yeah and a great big tall Susie Margarita…. Now that is one great way to celebrate a homecoming……….


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