I am feeling a little better emotionally today, or I should say tonight since it is 8:30 pm. I joined a new blog and I am enjoying it very much. I will come here for my personal venting because I know that no one ventures here so….

 I am visiting my sister. It has been almost 9 years since we have seen each other and my other sister and I will meet sometime this week. I am not sure about the oldest one. I hear that she is still ticked off at me and there is nothing that I can say about that. I did not leave when I left for any reason other than it was the best decision for me and the boys at the time and I defend that. I could have throwed in the towel and crawled home, but I am proud to say that I did not!

 I am really tired tonight. I took some tylenol pm to see if that will help me relax. I leave you with a good wish and remember to live, laugh and love………


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