Family and Feuds…..

Well it has been a while since I posted. I have just been busy and haven’t had much opportunity to get online and if I did, I have not felt like it. Odd for me to say that, but I have so much other stuff that I would be rather doing this time of the year.

 Let’s see if I can go back and tell you anything of interest. I doubt it, but there may be a tidbit or two.

 I can start with my dog. Bandit has been an almost Angel this week and most of last week. I washed his toys and he was not appreciative at all. In fact he has not touched his froggy since I washed it. He did take his old purple houseshoe and his teddy bear out side and let it get wet and muddy and stinky and then tries to bring it back in. Not happening.

 My girlfriend Sylvia is going to see her sister this weekend and won’t be back until Monday. I am really ready to plan a trip. I need to go someplace and relax for a few days. I would love to go to the Ocean, but since I have that seafood allergy, I better not. Still I would enjoy going.

 So the next topic on my list is the kids. Specifically Brad and Deanna. I have had it with them, calling me and keeping me upset with all there stupid drama. I cannot handle it anymore. My heart is doing fine right now and that is the way that I want to keep it. That and my blood pressure.

 They really need to grow up and I understand that more than anyone. I was too young the first time around and I don’t know why I stayed as long as I did the second time around. I know that for the first time in my life that I am my own person and I have grown up. Still it is a terrible thing to be 50 years old before you can look back and see the stupid things that do not matter in life. Really all that fighting is usually nothing more than a battle for control. Trying to change one persons opinion to match the one that you or I want. What is that??

 I remember things that I thought were so important didn’t mean a hill of beans later in life. So Matt and Deanna have got to stop this bickering and complaining because it is driving me totally crazy. I know all families fight, but I have been away from all of that crap for years. Even with me here and them in Calli, they still whine more and more and more. I just cannot take it and I hurt there feelings. Actually Karyn hurt there feelings.

 Well gotta go. I could rant all day, but I am starving and I have to eat something pretty soon. I will try and post more often…. I can try and not promise….


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