High Anxiety

 So this morning I awoke groggy and sleepy and not even 2 cups of coffee helped clear my foggy brain. I strained to open my eyes and I barely listened to the news, just enough to send a small wish of well being for those poor people in Rhode Island who are flooded, Bless them, they need help badly. Then I got dressed and suddenly right in the bathroom, my heart started racing, my palms got sweaty and I knew, I knew I was having an anxiety attack. I took my little pill but other than make me sleepy, it hasn’t really helped. I need to watch the caffine today and drink lots of water and try to chill, but it is hard to just chill when I am trying to figure out finances. I hate being broke. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. But I am so oh well.

I cut my finger day before yesterday with a knife as I was attempting to open a package of Tylenol Cold and Sinus (Where is a 2 year old when you need them?) and the knife slipped and cut just under the knuckle of my finger and it is super sore. I hate these child proof containers. I know that they are a necessity, but geez an adult cannot open some of these things. I often wonder what the elderly and disabled do to get into some of the things that we buy. Why have it sealed as if it is Fort Knox?

 I sound grumpy this morning and it is because I am grumpy. I am just tired with lots on my mind and not enough sleep. I planted some dill, strawberries, cilantro, sweet Georgia onions, and some periwinkles yesterday, oh and two striped yellow Ganzania’s. It was nice playing in the dirt. I want to get some more flowers and herbs but gotta wait for a few more days.

 I shall take pics of my beautiful spring bounty and post them. I am really happy to have a love of gardening. It is so relaxing to me and I love to see things live, grow and thrive. Gotta run for now. BBL.



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