And so I am back with a little bit of ramblings. Everything is alright I suppose. I have been working hard to maintain a sunny mood, but it isn’t always easy. I have been worried about my kids, about my dog, about my grandbabies. If I am not worrying about something then it is not a normal day for me.

 So today is Tuesday and Good Friday is right around the corner and I am going to be playing in the dirt. I am going to have tomatos and squash and okra and beans and peas and everything that I can think of and I am going to even have a salad garden this year. I have always wanted one, but was always intimidated about the lettuce. I don’t know why, but I think that when I was a kid I heard that if you didn’t grow it properly or picked it too early it could make you sick. Much later I found out that was not true, but I hesitated in growing it myself, but not this year.

 Well I hate to go, but I am going to be with a friend all day. We are going to have a blast. She is as down to earth as I am. No ritzy makeup and fancy do’s for us…. we are going to go play.

Bye for now….



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