I broke a nail!!!

I have never been one of those girly girls. I have wanted to be, but it was just tooo much work for me. I never played dress up as a little girl, I never played with Barbie, dressing her up and such, and when all the girls I knew, including my sister was messing with their hair and experimenting with make up, I was off doing something totally un-girly I am sure.

 I wasn’t especially atheletic either. I didn’t play baseball, vollyball or tennis. I didn’t participate because my father did not believe that girls should play sports.  At least he thought that while I was wanting to play he resorted to a firm NO and that was the end of it. Funny that my two younger sisters got to play ALL sports.

 So I didn’t follow sports. Did I go to football, baseball, basketball games? Oh you betcha I did. I did so I could watch what ever hunk or hunks that had caught my fancy and I sat there and day dreamed. I didn’t have a clue to what I was watching. I stood when everyone else did. I cheered when everyone else did and I agreed with everything that my love at the time said. I did not mind listening to his rattle, that saved me from making a fool of myself. If he wanted to brag about his talent, his moves, his goals, his home runs, who was I to burst his bubble?

 Time went on. I did join the track team. Only because the school board told my father that if I did not participate in something that they would fail me. Let me tell you I was not happy about it, but the funny thing was that I liked it and I was fairly good at it. I had great legs from all of the bench exercises that I had to do in regular P.E. and I liked knowing that it was something that I could do with out trying to fit into stupid uniforms.

 I had a big bust and all those cute girly tops just did not fit me right,  and when I was15 I had surgery for my appendix and I never healed properly and had a little belly and t-shirts and jeans or denim shorts was my wardrobe.

 I ended up snagging my first husband with out frilly hair, girly clothes and make up. So I figured why mess with a good thing, so I didn’t. By the time that he and I divorced and he married a girly girl, I didn’t care one way or the other.

 But the one thing that I did have and still have was real finger nails. I never had to go to a salon and have my nails done to look good. I normally just keep them clean and a clear coat on them unless I plan to go someplace special. But lately I want the fancy stuff. I want the little jewels and colors and decorations. And just when my nails were getting right where I wanted them, boom I break a nail. Then I broke another and today I broke one. So tonight I have to sit down and file my nails down and wait until they grow out again so I can try to do this one girly girl thing that I want to do. But who knows. This may be a sign saying…. Girl, save your money and forget the girly girl stuff…..


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